Magnet Foundations Course Docs

Foundations Course Syllabus

Abstraction Notebook Directions

e-Portfolio Directions & Demo e-Portfolio

APCSP Concept Outline –for Learning Objectives

AP Computer Science Principles Course Overview

Important Due Dates:

 Performance Tasks Submitted  – Monday 4/30
AP Exam – Friday 5/10

AP Exam Resources:

Course and Exam Description from the College board (See p. 91 for several sample test questions)

Review Book for AP Exam – to buy

Computer Science Principles Online Text Book – This would be a good way to review material from class. It also contains self-check questions and quizzes

Relevant Video Lessons – Good review of concepts. Most are 5 – 10 minutes long

Vocabulary Review – Quizlet with terms that will likely come up on the AP Exam

Performance Task Links:

Enrollment Instructions
Performance Task Instructions, Rubrics, and Samples (see bottom of page)
Explore PT Template
Create PT Template


AP Biology Unit 2

Chapters 6-8

Cellular structure and Function, Cellular Transport, Introduction to Metabolism

Important Dates:

Mastering HW: Ch 6 – Mon. 8/13; Ch 7 – Wed. 8/15; Ch.8 – Monday 8/20

Test: Thurs. 8/22

Chapter Outlines:

Chap 6       Chap 7       Chap 8

Chapter Presentations:

Ch 6      Ch 7      Ch 8

Unit 2 Videos :

​Watch these videos on Membranes and Transport:
1- Membranes  
2- Membrane Transport
3- Cotransport:

Watch these videos on Water Potential:
1-Bozeman Water Potential
2- MrPollockBiology: good explanation…and a great accent!

​Watch this video on Enzymes:
Bozeman Enzymes

​1- For a review of Molarity, watch this
​2- Serial Dilutions– good video

Energy and Thermodynamics:
Gibbs Free Energy Video (be familiar with the equation in terms of enthalpy and entropy and what each means. Also, distinguish endergonic from exergonic. See Ch 8 PPt, above in the ‘Presentation’ section)

AP Bio Unit 1 – Chemistry of Life

Chapters  1-5 

Introduction, Atomic Properties, Water Properties, Carbon properties, Strucute and Function of the Biological Macromolecules

Important Dates:

Ch.1-4 HW (Mastering Biology) Due: Mon.8/6

Ch.1-4 with statistics Quiz Mon 8/6

Ch. 5 HW Due Wed. 8/8

Unit 1 Test Thurs 8/9

Unit Resources:

Power Points:

Ch 2  Ch 3   Ch 4   Ch 5 

Video Lectures:

Ch 1 

Ch 2

Ch 3

Ch 4- Savage (better at addressing functional groups);

Chap 4– Mr. J (addresses isomers better)

Ch 5- Pt 1Ch5- Pt 2

Test Review:

Unit 1 Focus Topics

Chapters 2-5 Outline

Study Guide (not all inclusive)

Intro to Statistics Summer Assignment

Due: Day 1 of the semester

Links to the Bozeman Science videos:
1. Statistics and Graphing
2. Standard deviation
3. Standard error
4. Intro to graphing
5. Graphing by hand
​6. Graphing by spreadsheet

Link to Kevin Piers video:
1. Standard Deviation and Standard Error

Galapagos Finch Data

Using this Data Set

Calculate the mean, S, SEM, & 95% confidence interval (2 x SEM)

Create properly labeled graphs for each category – Survivors vs. Nonsurvivors (4 graphs)

Once you complete your four bar graphs – print them and ,and in your lab notebook, describe any differences between nonsurvivors and survivors you observe in each graph. Provide direct evidence form the data

Macromolecule Pattern Matching Activity

Part 1 – with the molecule cards

Part II – with the questions covering each macromolecule

Unit 1 – Web Design & Internet

HTML Performance Task

Due: 8/17(a-day), 8/20(b-day)

HTML Performance Task Write-up
1. Complete the tutorials found here on

This handout needs to be completed and placed in your abstraction notebook

2. Create an HTML site on Weebly that gives 2 truths and a lie about you. It must include the following:
  • Your Name
  • Your Avatar – it must look something like you (
  • 3 links (your 2 truths and a lie) w/links back to the 2 truths page
    • Your destination pages for the links should not appear in the Site Directory
  • 1 Image per page (minimum)
  • Formatted Text
  • Creative enhancements that require additional HTML coding
  • You must also include a text box below the HTML that shows your HTML code (copy and paste it – or else I can’t see it when I visit your page)
    e-Portfolio Directions Demo e-Portfolio
  • Put the Link to your portfolio on this shared sheet.

    Go to the tab with your class block on the bottom of the page

    • You must also view and comment on at least 2 other students work (click on cell and add comment)
    • Comments should be appropriate and specific. Constructively point out what worked or didn’t work with the website
      • BAD – “This looks weird”
      • GOOD – “The pink font is difficult to read with the red background”
      • BAD – “I love it”
      • GOOD – “The different color links look great on the site”
      • Remember – your name is attached to your comments and every change you make on this shared sheet, so act responsibly online. (Be a responsible digital citizen)

Internet Info-graphic

Due: 8/23(a); 8/24(b)

Watch the following YouTube clips “There and Back Again”  and “Warriors of the Net” and research how information is sent through the internet
Create an info-graphic using Canva (Some examples can be found here)
The info-graphic should have a clear layout, a consistent color palate, interesting icons, and be the correct size (see below)  (10 pts)

From the landing page

  • Choose “Create a Design” on the left
  • Choose “Use Custom Dimensions” on the top right
  • Enter 700 x 3000 pixels  or 3000 x 700
  • Consider your design elements
    • Choose a background  color and appropriate graphics 
    • Graphics can be made semi-transparent to improve aesthetics 
The Info-graphic should show how information is transmitted through the internet. It must include, at minimum, the following terms/labels: (35 pts)
Domain name
Domain Name Server
Host Server
IP Address
ISP (Internet Service Provider)
Users Laptop
Web Browser
Wi-Fi Router


Write a paragraph describing your development process, explicitly identifying the computing tools and techniques you used to create your info-graphic.
Your description must be detailed enough so that a person unfamiliar with those tools and techniques will understand your process.(Must not exceed 100 words)(40 pts)
Include an APA style bibliography identifying the sources of your internet information and of your images (10 pts)
Upload a .pdf version of your paragraph to your e-portfolio under the correct big idea (internet) and labeled with appropriate LO’s (5 pts)

Portfolio Information 

Due: 8/23(a); 8/24(b)

  • Under Big Idea 6 – Internet you must provide information on the topics below in a well-designed page (or pages)
  • It can be any combination of text, images, video, or audio (be sure to cite sources of content and information)
  • All information must identify the learning objective (LO’s) that it covers (see the course outline document here)
  • Your Canva info-graphic, or a link to it must be included
  • Brief History of the internet
  • Internet protocols- What are they? Why are they important  (HTTP, SMTP, etc) Who controls the internet?
  • Domain name and IP address hierarchy – URL and DNS conventions – How heirarchy allows the internet to scale
  • Redundancy – How  it keeps the internet reliable
  • TCP/IP
  • Packet Switching
  • Understanding the importance of bandwidth and bitrate



Demo e-Portfolio

Home Page – Welcome or introduction with some other design elements

HTML – Your 2 truths and a lie.  See this post for more information

Big Ideas – This should be a Non-clickable menu (see options when setting up the page)

Under Big Ideas should be the following pages

1 Creativity

2 Abstraction

3 Data and Information

4 Algorithims

5 Programming

6 Internet – See directions on this post on what should be here

7 Global Impact

Fetal Pig Dissection

Using this: Fetal Pig Dissection Guidebook

 Answer Key

You need to fill in the diagrams of your lab sheet. – You can also use the images below, but NO OTHER SOURCE
You also need to answer the questions from the guidebook:
p.6 #-1-5
p.9  # 1-5
p.29 # 1-5
p.36 # 1-5
p.43 # 1-6
p.47 # 1-5

Online Fetal Pig Dissection 

Fetal Pig Digestive System










Fetal Pig Reproductive System

Fetal Pig Dissection Alternative Assignment

If you are unable to use your images from dissection day, you need to do 3 tests from the terms below and show me the results

Fetal Pig Anatomy Quizlet 

Data Analysis & Excel

Visualizations Good and Bad

You can find two collections of visualizations (“Collection A” and “Collection B”) on Code Studio. For each one:

  • Examine the visualization, as well as any included text. What is it trying to communicate?
  • Discuss with a partner: Is the visualization clear? Is it misleading? How could it be improved?
  • Rate the visualization and make a short note about why you gave the rating you did.

Collection A

Collection B

Place Scores on this Spreadsheet

Data Visualization Scorecard

Internet Use Data Project

Using the Internet Use Dataset, work collaboratively to accomplish the following tasks:

Format the spreadsheet
  1. Remove the Average Monthly Disposable Salary data from column I and insert it into column F (shift existing columns to the right)
  2. Make the formatting to the header row the same as the Monthly Disposable Salary (use format painter)
  3. Match the formatting of the data in the Monthly Disposable Salary column the same as the rest of the data
  4. Calculate population density for each country/region
  5. Calculate Internet Penetration. Use an if statement so that if the Internet Users value is n/a, the Internet Penetration data is also n/a. Alter the format of the cell so that it automatically displays as a percentage to 2 decimal places
  6. Find the average for all columns and place that below the data (line 274)
  7. Highlight all the data and convert it to a sortable table by selecting “Format as Table”
  8. Adjust the scaling of the worksheet, (1 sheet wide by 5 sheets long), so that it could print legibly. DO NOT PRINT – this will be checked digitally
Analyze the Data
  1. Sort and filter the data to explore
  2. Notice patterns and/or trends in the data
  3. Create visualizations (charts/graphs)
  4. Tell a story from the data


Cybercrime Comics

3A – Add your comic to this Padlet Password – Walstead523

3B Add your comic to this Padlet Password – Walstead523

Include the type of cybercrime you were assigned and any other information to make your artifact easier to underrstand

You must make an account that has your name attached to it. Any no-named or oddly-named entries will be deleted