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Foundations Course Syllabus 

Abstraction notebook Directions

AP Computer Science Principles Course Overview

Important Due Dates:

 Performance Tasks Submitted  – Monday 4/30
AP Exam – Friday 5/11

AP Exam Resources:

Course and Exam Description from the College board (See p. 91 for several sample test questions)

Review Book for AP Exam – to buy

Computer Science Principles Online Text Book – This would be a good way to review material from class. It also contains self-check questions and quizzes

Relevant Video Lessons – Good review of concepts. Most are 5 – 10 minutes long

Vocabulary Review – Quizlet with terms that will likely come up on the AP Exam

Performance Task Links:

Enrollment Instructions
Performance Task Instructions, Rubrics, and Samples (see bottom of page)
Explore PT Template
Create PT Template


Water Diversion

 Place Water Diversion Research Questions information in this shared presentation
  • You are assigned specific questions  (see below)
  • You need to put your name on one of the pages that indicate your question #’s.
  • Add slides as necessary under your name slide.
  • Include information summarized into text and using mostly images/charts/maps
  • Include your sources
  • This is a shared document and you are expected to act courteously in regards to other’s work. There will be consequences for any inappropriate behavior or actions.
Student Question #
Adams, Alexander 1-3
Alkhovik, Ivan 4-6
Atwell, Audrey 7-8
Bartnett, Angelica 9-13
Briley, James 14-16
Buhler, Nicholas 17-19
Cibrian, Gabriel 20-24
Cruz, Andrea 25-26
Davis, Hannah 27-30
Dermendzhiev, Dinko 31-36
Ege, Yukinobu 37-38
Guthrie, Kendall 39-41
Hampton, Sabrina 1-3
Howcumfu, Nicholas 4-6
Kisling, Danielle 7-8
Lanier, Caroline 9-13
Miner, Grace 14-16
Murray, Shannon 17-19
Nader, Michelle 20-24
Narine, Surina 25-26
Newhouse, Lauren 27-30
Podhaisky, Kelly 31-36
Redmond, Erica 37-38
Samanta, Suraaj 39-41
Sandu, Shreya 1-3
Taylor, Alexander 4-6
Thenot, Helena 7-8
Tokarz, Joshua 9-13
Wilson, Collin 14-16
Wolfson, Elizabeth 17-19
Yao, Stephanie 20-24



⇒Using the following resources and any other useful sources answer the following  in your Abstraction Notebook. Be sure to include in-text citations and a list of sources in APA style.

Vid 1     Vid 2    Vid 3    Vid 4   Data PPT (w/Audio)
1. Define:  Data, Big Data, Text Compression, Analytics
2. Define Digital Data
3. Define Audio Data
4. Define Video Data
5. Define input, process and output
6. List several examples of input and output devices
7. What is the relationship between data, processing and instructions?

⇒Using the following guidelines, create a video from a PowerPoint presentation. 

  • select a computing innovation from below that is of interest to the team.
  • research (from credible sources) and display the following information in primarily non-textual slides:
    • The name, image and description of the innovation
    • Describe how the computing innovation
      • consumes data (as input),
      • produces data (as output)
      • transforms data (programming)
    • Describe at least one data storage concern, data privacy concerns, or data security concern directly related to the innovation (hacking is not a concern in this context because it is not directly related to the normal functioning of the innovation)
  • provide a clear, complete source citation for all resources used during the project. Be sure to indicate what information was obtained from which sources. Images must also be cited.
  • Video must not exceed 3 minutes in length

Innovation Examples

Virtual Reality

Autonomous Cars

EQ Radio


Android Auto

Near Field Communication


Friday 9/15!!

Assignments for Friday 9/15

1st block 

  • Due Mon: Net Neutrality Questions (turn in through Google Classroom)
  • Due Wed: SNAP Game & Net Neutrality Essay (turn in through Google Classroom)
    • You will need to make a video of your game working properly. Screncast-o-matic and Office Mix found in powerpoint can be helpful for that. We will discuss this more on Mon.

3rd Block

4th Block

  • We will do Current Events on Mon.
  • You will have your second laws quiz on Mon. – Random groups – No Notes
  • Turn in your Lab Reports to this shared folder. Any lab report not uploaded by 2:30pm, 9/14 will be considered late and will be subject to a 30% deduction
  • Turn in all community service proposals on Mon.
  • Complete the water quality indicator and oxygen sag notes from Thurs.
  • Pick up “The Water You Drink” handout and use the resources found here to complete.

Research Performance Task

How do you decide if a source is credible?

CARS Checklist for Evaluating Sources

Rank the following sources as to which you think would be most reliable and why:


How does Social Media Impact Society?

Rank the credibility of the following sources.

Defend your decision based on the information from the CARS checklist.

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3 

Source 4

Go to 

Sign in with your wheeler magnet account and join this class. Class code: ist890 

Net Neutrality

⇒Answer the questions below. Answering these questions will require research. Use in-text citations, and cite your sources on a separate citations page in APA style. Remember, it’s up to you to determine the validity of your sources.

  1. What is Net Neutrality?
  2. List some individuals and groups who support Net Neutrality. List some individuals and groups who oppose it.
  3. Some internet service providers (ISPs) have proposed adding “fast lanes” to their networks. What is a “fast lane”?
  4. Who stands to benefit from adding these “fast lanes”? Why?
  5. If an ISP were to add a “fast lane” to its network, would it be supporting or violating Net Neutrality principles? Explain your answer.
  6. Who is the current Chairman of the FCC? What is the current position of the FCC?
  7. According to the Communications Act of 1934, what are the “Title II” provisions regarding common carriers?
  8. Why do Net Neutrality supporters want ISPs to be reclassified as common carriers under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934?
  9. Why are Net Neutrality opponents against this reclassification?

⇒Write a 5 paragraph persuasive essay. You must develop and defend an opinion (with researched evidence)related to one of the following topics :

  • The impact of Net Neutrality on Society 
  • The impact of Net Neutrality on Culture
  • The impact of Net Neutrality on the Economy 

(Example: Net neutrality is unfair economically to internet service providers)

It must include in-text citations and a references page from robust/credible sources