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Daily:  7:30-4:00
WEB: 1:10-3:00

The Walton High School Information Center book collection contains over 12,000 fiction, non-fiction, and reference titles. We also subscribe to twenty-nine print periodicals. Forty-five networked computers offer electronic access to over sixty reference databases; multiple encyclopedias; and thousands of magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals.

iPad Checkouts
iPads are available for student checkout from the information center on a first come, first served basis. Students must first have a technology use agreement on file. Forms are available at the information center circulation desk and on our website. The iPad checkout period is two hours; late returns accrue a $5 per hour late fee. iPads are to be used for instructional purposes only and must be returned by the person borrowing the device. Users are responsible for any violation of the Technology Acceptable Use Policy (IFBG-R). All data and login information must be wiped from the device.

Library Database Passwords
Passwords for accessing Walton’s subscription databases off-campus are available to students and staff. Stop by the info center circulation desk for a password card.

Student Book Swap
Walton’s book swap provides an opportunity for students to recycle assigned reads. Simply drop by the circulation desk and let a media specialist know you’d like to exchange a book. If we have the title in our inventory, we’ll swap it for any book you’ve been assigned at Walton. We accept annotated books with all pages intact. Because the inventory fluctuates, students are encouraged to plan ahead. Parallel novel donations are always welcome.

Research Assistance
Your media specialists are available for individual research consultations. You  may schedule an appointment during your lunch period, or just drop by the circulation desk if you need help locating information, citing sources, or formatting an assignment.


Little Free Library
The Walton information center is a proud participant in the Little Free Library global reading initiative. The library, part of the media staff’s literacy outreach program, is available to our entire community—students, staff, parents, and neighbors. We hope you will stop by to take a book or to leave a book…no library card required.

Beach Book Giveaway
Each May the Walton community comes together to promote our Beach Book Giveaway reading program. Since its start in 2013, we have collected and given away thousands of books for readers of all ages and interests. Donations for this spring project are accepted year-round.

Book Club
The book club meets monthly to discuss student-selected novels. All are welcome and encouraged to join this friendly group for food, fun, and thoughtful conversation.

Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl
The reading bowl team is a competitive group that has won five consecutive county competitions since its creation in 2013. Each year members read 20 state-selected young adult titles and  participate in quiz-bowl style reading competitions with high schools from across the state.

Information Center Ambassadors
The information center ambassadors is a student-run organization that aims to connect Walton’s student body to information center services and programs. Members earn volunteer hours while assisting info center staff with promotions, services, and fundraising.

Policies & Procedures

Use of the Information Center
Students are encouraged to use the info center before and after school for research and study. Passes are required during class, lunch, and WEB. Students are not permitted to use the info center during homeroom.

Study Zones
In an effort to make the information center a more pleasant place for students to read and study, patrons are asked to adhere to guidelines set for each study zone.

Red Zone = Quiet Study
The Red Zone covers the info center’s main floor and computer lab. These are no talking/whisper-only spaces. Students utilizing the spaces are encouraged to work quietly and independently and to sit no more than four people per table.

Blue Zone = Collaborative Study
The collaboration room is a Blue Zone. This room is located on the left side of the information center. Students who wish to utilize this space must first check in with a staff member. Space is reserved for tutoring and group assignments. Students are asked to speak quietly and to tidy-up project materials before they leave.

The information center may periodically close for instruction, testing, or other school functions. Lunch period closings will be posted on the white board in front of the information center.

Use of Computers
Students may use information center computers any time during regular hours except when they are reserved for classes. All patrons must abide by the school district’s policies and regulations regarding the use of technology. Computers are to be used for school assignments only.

Pass Policies
Between 8:20am and 3:30pm, students entering the information center without a teacher must have a pass.  Students without passes will be asked to return to class.

Present pass upon arrival and sign in.
During regularly scheduled class times, students must show a pass to a staff member and sign in at the circulation desk.

Info center staff cannot issue late passes.
Students who are in the info center before school, during lunch, or between classes are responsible for arriving to class on time. Info center staff cannot issue late passes to class.

Lunch passes are issued prior to the start of each lunch period.
Students must get a lunch pass to use the study space inside the information center. Passes are issued during the change of classes prior to the start of each lunch period. Students must have their school-issued agendas stamped by an information center staff member before the final lunch bell rings. Because seating is limited, space is reserved for students who are reading or working on school assignments.

WEB passes are issued each WEB period.
During WEB students may check out quiet study or computer passes. Info center computers are reserved for independent work. Students working on group assignments during WEB may use labs 203 or 204. To receive credit for must-stay hours, students must check in and out at the must-stay table inside the info center. Students must return WEB passes each time they exit the info center. Because seating is limited, return passes are not guaranteed. Space is reserved for students who are reading or working on school assignments.

Each semester students are allowed to print up to 100 pages of original work or research-related materials on information center computers. Duplicate printing is restricted, and duplex/two-sided printing is unavailable. Because copiers are much more cost effective than printers, students are asked to create class sets of handouts for projects or copies of instructional materials on the student copier located inside the information center. The cost is 10¢ per page. Color copies can be made for $1 per page. See an info center staff member for assistance.

Storing Food & Drinks
To maintain a beautiful space for all to enjoy, food and drink are not allowed in the information center. Food and beverage items that are contained well enough to be secured in the student’s personal bag or backpack may remain with the student. Items that cannot be stored in the student’s bag may be left at the circulation desk.

Circulation Policies
Students may check out up to five books at once for a three-week period. Checkouts may be renewed as needed. Reference books may be checked out at the end of the school day for overnight use and must be returned before the start of the next school day; magazines may also be checked out overnight.

Fines will be charged for overdue items (10¢ per day for books, $1 per day for WEB passes, $5 per hour for iPads). Students are responsible for lost or damaged materials. In lieu of cash, students may clear fines by donating canned or nonperishable food items  (1 item = $1). All items will be donated to a local food pantry.

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