Aug. 14 – Aug. 18)


Monday: Daily Oral Language/ Big Hero Six – Archetype of a Hero

Tuesday:  Daily Oral Language/”Ithaca” analysis

Wednesday: Daily Oral Language/ “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh”

Thursday: Daily Oral Language/ “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh”

Friday: Daily Oral Language Quiz/ “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” Quiz



Monday:   Citing Text Evidence

Tuesday:   Code Talkers

Wednesday: Daily Oral Language

Thursday:   Code Talkers/Independent Reading

Friday:    Code Talkers Quiz


(Aug.7 – Aug. 11)


Monday:   Daily Oral Language

Unit 1 Literary Vocabulary mini-poster

Tuesday:   Daily Oral Language

Discuss the Archetype of the Hero’s Journey using graphic organizer.

Wednesday: Daily Oral Language

Big Hero 6/Hero’s Journey Archetype graphic organizer .

Thursday:   Daily Oral Language

Big Hero 6:Fill in Hero’s Journey Archetype graphic organizer continued.

Friday:        Daily Oral Language Quiz



This week students reviewed the concepts of textual evidence and RACE strategy.


(July 31 – Aug. 4)


Monday: IB Learner Profiles/Teacher introductions

Introduce Yourself- Instagram Profile Activity

Tuesday: Agenda Breakdown

Complete Instagram Profile Activity

Wednesday: Acrostic Poem/ Introduction to Prepositional Phrases

Instagram Profile- Presentations

Thursday: “Recipe for Getting to Know You” Activity

Friday:     Complete  “Recipe for Getting to Know You” Activity



Monday:  Teacher introductions and class expectations

Skittles-  “Get to Know You” Activity

Tuesday:  Agenda Breakdown

Wednesday: Journal Prompt

Reading Activity 1

Thursday:    Journal Prompt

Reading Activity 2

Friday:  Journal Prompt/Wrap-up