(NOV. 13 – NOV. 17)


Students began work on Embedded Assessment #1 for Unit 2. This will be a multi-paragraph essay that compares and contrasts the dystopian society in our novel study “Catching Fire” with our modern-day society. We will do one more text study in our Springboard book on Tuesday. Wednesday we will brainstorm/outline in preparation for the essay writing. Thursday and Friday has been designated for writing the rough draft for the essay. Students will type their final drafts in class when they return from break.


Students are reviewing the concepts of Main Idea vs Theme and R.A.C.E. strategy.

Also, we are reading Chapter’s 3-4 in the class novel Heat, by Mike Lupica.

*Thursday – Progress Reports will be sent home
*Nov. 20 – Nov. 24 — Thanksgiving Break

(Nov. 6 – NOV. 10)


This week we are working on a mini practice essay using information from the selection “Harrison Bergeron”. Students will complete the min-essay for homework and have them ready to turn in on Wednesday. They can access the selection using Springboard online. I will provide the link below. We are also continuing our reading of the novel “Catching Fire” and Daily Oral Language. I encourage all to work hard on all assignments as we are quickly approaching the mid-point of the 2nd 9 weeks. Progress reports will go home next week.

Tuesday – Student Holiday (enjoy, but work on mini-essay)
Wednesday – Mini-Essay is due
Thursday – Daily Oral Language Quiz; Catching Fire Quiz #3
Thursday – MULTICULTURAL NIGHT 2017-17lifj4 (6:30 in the Cafeteria)
Friday – Fresh Air Friday

Link for Springboard –

password: Harris1#

*Once you log in go to Unit 2, Activity 2.3. You will find the “Harrison Bergeron” selection there.


We are done with CodeTalker! The students are very excited to be done with our first novel of the semester. Our next novel to be read is Heat by Mike Lupica.


(Oct. 30 – Nov. 3)


This week we are continuing our focus on Utopia and Dystopia. Our novel, “Catching Fire” is also continuing to be a great read for the students. All of this is building up to our first embedded assessment for Unit 2 – a compare and contrast essay using information from our novel and current society. We are also reading the short story “Harrison Bergeron” to further investigate the concepts of Utopia and Dystopia.


Thursday – Daily Oral Language Quiz
Thursday – Catching Fire Quiz #2


We are wrapping the Code Talker Novel!

Students took their Mid-Unit Common Assessment


Reading Logs are due each Friday!

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