November Updates

Here are a few reminders for what will be going on this month:

Monday, Nov. 11th is Veteran’s Day. Students can come dressed in red, white and blue to show off their patriotic spirit. We will be cheering on the visiting Veterans as they parade through our school. Thank you to all Veterans for your service and sacrifice.

Thursday, Nov. 14 is National Diabetes Day. Students are encouraged to wear blue that day.

Friday, Nov. 15 is the fifth grade’s Pajama Pant Challenge. They are raising money for the Center for Children and Young Adults. If your child would like to wear pajamas that day, please send in $1.00.

Our focus over the next 2 weeks will be on friendship and the meaning behind Thanksgiving. When we return from break we will be discussing and sharing our different holiday traditions. Such a fun and exciting time! It’s definitely my favorite time of the year!

Stem Fair

I loved seeing students participate in the STEM fair that was funded by MBES Foundation.  Your dollars are being used to inspire students to learn and explore science.  Thank you for being all in!  It makes a difference in your child’s learning.


Voyager: A Journey in Character Education

Did you know that Mount Bethel Foundation has provided teachers with a comprehensive character education program?  This month our Voyager program is focusing on perseverance and students are discussing and practicing what is means to persevere.

This is just one way that the Mount Bethel Foundation supports our classroom. Know that your donations make a difference in the lives of our students and directly impact the quality of their education.  Thank you!

Patron Drive

Dear Parents,

Please view the video linked here for ways that your Patron Drive donations directly impact ALL students and teachers at Mt. Bethel! Our class would love to have 100% participation in the Patron Drive and sincerely appreciate all of your support in this goal!

Thank you,

Cara Wells


September 13

Dates to remember:

September 16:  Yogli Mogli Party for Read-A-Thon

September 18th: Indoor Field Trip:  Wear your purple class shirt

September 23-27:  Fall Break

few things to know…

Class Shirt- If your child ordered a class shirt through the PTA Toolkit, they were delivered and sent home Wednesday. If your child didn’t get one, no problem. Just have them wear a purple shirt on the days we wear them..

Writer’s Workshop- We are working on generating ideas for writing.  Labelling our drawings and sounding out words.

Math- We have been practicing counting to 100 by 1’s, and 10’s. We also have been learning to recognize and name 2D shapes (triangle, rectangle, square, circle, and hexagon) and 3D shapes (cube, cone, cylinder, and sphere). We are also comparing shapes.  In order to earn a 3 on the first quarter report card, they need to be able to count to 50.

Reading- Today your child is bringing home a deck of letter cards.  Ask them to show you how we drill the deck.  There is also a tab on my bog for OG and there is a video teaching you how to drill the deck.  I am sending home a list of sight words an a letter on Monday along with instructions..   Please take the time and practice words and letters for 3-5 minutes a day.

Social Studies- Your child should be able to identify the American and Georgia Flag, explain Labor Day and discuss the importance of rules.

Science:  Next week we will start our unit on describing objects and the materials they are made from.

August 26

Classroom Information:

Reading Baggies– Book Baggie went home last week in your child’s  backpack. These baggies are meant to come home and be returned to school every day.  Each child will exchange their books on Tuesdays and Fridays. These books should be around your child’s reading level.  Please remind your child to take care of these books at home and to return them daily.

Read-A-Thon: Please help our class by logging your child’s reading minutes and donations/pledges through the PTA toolkit! They are all so excited and want our class to win! Thank you in advance for your support in this wonderful event.

Progress Reports: Progress Reports will be sent through e-mail on September 6th if your child is at risk of receiving a one (not meeting the standard) in a subject area or a N (Needs improvement) in their behavior skills. If you do not receive an e-mail regarding progress reports, your child is either on track to receive a 2 or 3 (progressing towards meeting the standard/meeting the standard) in subject areas and P (progressing) or S (satisfactory) in their behavior skills. If your child does receive a progress report, please view it as an area of improvement. Your child will have another 4 ½ weeks to improve in that area before report cards are distributed.

RAZ Kids/Moby Max: You will receive information about Raz Kids and Moby Max.  I am having the children complete the online assessment at school so the program will teach them at their level.  Please do not do the work for your child. This program teaches them the standards and moves on when they are ready.  Please have your child practice typing their login and password at home.

Library:  We go to the library on Tuesdays for checkout.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via Remind or e-mail at

August 9th

We have had a wonderful start to our school year! Thank you for all of the supplies and donations that you have sent in already. We really appreciate it!

We had a fabulous first week of school.  Ask your child about the three positions they may choose while learning on the rug.

We are also discussing rules and procedures along with how to be a bucket filler. As our class earns compliments and makes good choices, we will be earning points. This week we earned Fun Friday.

The first month of school focuses on teaching the procedures for stations and independent work times. We do a lot of practicing and modeling before releasing them to work on their own. We are also doing a lot of assessments to determine where everyone is in each subject area, so we can create our small groups for instruction. Academic content will not be differentiated until our assessments are completed (which takes awhile!).  So everything right now is being taught in whole group.

Please double check and make sure that you have…
-signed and returned the Receipt of The Family Information Guide which was sent home on the first day of school in the Cobb County folder.

-returned you picture order form

-sent in a clear pencil pouch that has a zipper and 3 holes to put into the daily communication folder.
signed up for Remind texts. We use this a lot!

Today we sent home a paper about performances at the school.   Donations may be paid either by check or on My Payment Plus.  Remember all children need a signed form to participate.

Have a great weekend!!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Mount Bethel! My name is Cara Wells and I am thrilled to be entrusted with your child this year. Kindergarten is an exciting time and you will be amazed with the changes that will occur in your child. Ms. Quintero and myself have planned some amazing activities that we are excited to share.

On Monday (7/29) we will be hosting an open house at 6:00 (parents only please).  At this meeting we will discuss important procedures and distribute documents that you will need.

If at anytime you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. I look forward to wonderful year!


Cara Wells