Instructions for Uploading Your Project

Good morning everyone,

When you’ve finished your documentary/digital story/video/trailer/interview/whatever you’re calling it, you need to do the following.

  1. Upload to YouTube
  2. How? Either go to the YouTube app on the phone that you have the video on or if it’s a video file, go to – this second part is not possible on the school computers, so you’ll have to do that from home.
  3. You need to either have a channel or create one.
  4. You’ll need to upload the video.
  5. For privacy, you can make it public if you want, but it cannot be private. That way, we can’t grade your video. It needs to either be Public or Unlisted. Unlisted means it can’t be found by anyone who does not have the link to the video.
  6. Please title it “(Topic) Documentary for World History Project”
  7. In the caption or comments, you don’t have to put names. Just initials are fine, so we know who worked on it.
  8. Once it’s uploaded, please email the link to the video to your teacher. That is required.
  9. Your teacher will email back confirmation that they received the link. YOU CANNOT JUST SAY YOU EMAILED IT, YOU MUST GET A REPLY BACK.
  10. Sit back and relax and study for your final.

-Wheeler World History

Unit 7.2 Notes AND McDowell’s Sub Plans

Unit 7.2 Imperialism Notes

imperialism content chart

Coach McDowell’s 2nd and 4th period class for Monday, April 29:

  • Finish your So Basically, turn it in
  • Get an imperialism content chart, do that with the notes above on the blog
  • Once your notes are done, read the Cecil Rhodes/Rudyard Kipling readings and answer the questions, then turn in your answers.
  • Once all that is done, you can work on script and research and outline that is due by May 3rd for your project.

McDowell’s 3rd period –

  • Finish Your so basically, turn it in
  • Work on imperialism notes if you have time


-Wheeler World History