We did it guys! After the EOCs, weird bell schedules, and insane last few days, we are into our final unit with days left in the semester. Remember that this information will be tested on a quiz and the final versus another summative test. Here are the Mining the Standards:

Unit 8 Mining the Standards

-Wheeler World History

Unit 7 Quizizz Codes

Click this link to go to Quizizz

The following codes can be used for Quizizzes:

344975 – Industrial Revolution

394120 – Capitalism vs Communism

380557 – Imperialism and Paternalism

-Wheeler World History

Debate Topics!

The following are the topics that are up for debate between you and a partner:

Heliocentric Theory vs. Geocentric Theory

Laws of Motion: real or not real?

Telescope vs. Microscope

Theory of Gravity: is it real?

Scientific Method: good or bad?

Galileo vs Newton – who’s better?


Civil Liberties vs. Civil Rights

Balance of Powers: good or bad?

Separation of Powers: good or bad?

Religious Freedom: good or bad?

Freedom of Speech: good or bad?

Absolute Freedoms: good or bad?

Natural Rights: good or bad?

Happiness vs Property

Free market: good or bad?

Capitalism vs. Socialism

Free Market: good or bad?

Social Contract: good or bad?


Why do Revolutions happen?

Taxation without Representation: good or bad?

Know why you’re arrested: good or bad?

Government of the people vs. over the people


-Wheeler World History