Schedule this week

Monday: SW Asia Government-Government systems/types

5th and 7th will take part two of the history test

Tuesday: SW Asia Government-Government systems/types

Wednesday: SW Asia Government-Governments of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey

Thursday: SW Asia Government-Governments of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey

Friday: Career Cruising with Mr. Tinsley



Schedule this week

Monday: Invasion of Iraq  & Afghanistan

Tuesday: No School!

Wednesday: Notebook Quiz & Review of Invasion of Iraq & Afghanistan

Thursday: Test Review

Friday: History Test

**The test has been moved back to Friday the 10th!**

The Homeless Pets Club is collecting the following items:

Cat food/Toys/Litter

Dog Toys-Kong/Rubber or Plastic. No treats!




History Test Thursday 11.9.2017! Study guide is on page 15b of the notebook.

We will have all information in the notebook by the end of the Period Monday.


Schedule this week:

Monday:Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Tuesday: Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Wednesday: Persian Gulf War

Thursday: Persian Gulf War

Friday: US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan

**Students may dress up Tuesday for Halloween, make sure to follow dress code and leave props at home**


Schedule this week:

Monday: Ottoman Empire Map

Tuesday: Ottoman Empire Background

Wednesday: Ottoman Empire Wrap up

Thursday: Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Friday: Israeli/Palestinian Conflict


Schedule this week:

*Early release every day at 1:30**

Monday: Ethnic Groups of SW Asia

Tuesday: Ethnic Groups of SW Asia Review

Wednesday: Meet your Counselor

Thursday: Ethnic groups vs. Religious Groups quiz (Over 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10a, and 10b of your interactive notebook)

Friday: History of SW Asia-The Ottoman Empire


Schedule this week:

Monday: Religions of SW Asia

Tuesday: Religions Wrap up/Ethnic groups of SW Asia

5th and 7th periods click here

Wednesday: Ethnic Groups-Arabs, Persians, and Kurds

Thursday: COLOR BATTLE! Ethnic groups-Arabs, Persians, and Kurds

Friday: Ethnic groups- Arabs, Persians, and Kurds

**Religion and Ethnic Group Quiz-Tuesday 10.17!**


Schedule this week:

Monday: Notebook Quiz

Tuesday: Review for Geography Test

Wednesday: Geography Test!

Thursday: Ethnic groups vs. Religious Groups

Friday: Religions in the Middle East

**Homeless Pets Club meets Friday 10/6/17 for anyone interested!**



Schedule this week:

Monday: Review of Environmental Issues

Tuesday: Review of Environmental Issues

Wednesday: Environmental Issues Quiz

Homeless Pets Club Meeting for those interested @ 8:20 am!

Thursday: 9/11

Happy Rosh Hashanah to those celebrating!

Friday: 9/11

*Friday is School Spirit Day for Relay for Life…Bring $1 to support Relay for Life!*




There will be an environmental issues quiz on Wednesday 9/20. It will be over the water and oil issues in the Middle East. We will be reviewing in class on Monday and Tuesday.

**Over the weekend you may want to brush up on political and physical features using the previously posted Quizlets at the beginning of the year.**