Schedule this week:

Monday: WebQuest of SE Asia

Tuesday: Finish WebQuest/China Revealed (Bring headphones if you can)

Wednesday: Last Day of School–Remember to wear blue for our blue ribbon/CCRPI celebration!


Schedule this week:

Monday: Economy of SE Asia

Tuesday: Inside North Korea

*Lunch on the Lawn* Feel free to bring a towel to sit on outside.

Wednesday: History/Government/Econ of SE Asia Quiz

Thursday: WebQuest of SE Asia

Friday: WebQuest of SE Asia



Schedule this week

Monday: History of SE Asia

Tuesday: History of SE Asia

Wednesday: History of SE Asia

Thursday: SLO

Friday: Globetrotters go to North Korea


Schedule this week:

Monday: Environmental issues: Flooding and Pollution of the Ganges & Yangtze Rivers

Tuesday: Religions of SE Asia

Wednesday: History of SE Asia: Independence of India

Thursday: History of SE Asia: Mao Ze Dong and the Great Leap Forward

Friday: Political Map test!

Quizlet for Test on Friday! 



Schedule this week:

**Milestones testing for 7th grade begins this week**

Monday-Thursday: Different plans from all subject areas

Friday: Environmental issues of SE Asia


Schedule this week:

**Testing begins for 6th graders. 7th grade testing starts next week. Make sure to check posted schedules throughout the hallways in the morning.**

Monday: Economy Review & Political Map of SE Asia

Tuesday: Political Features of SE Asia

Wednesday: Physical Features of SE Asia

Thursday: Physical Features of SE Asia

Friday: Why people live where they do in SE Asia

Field Day Information



May 7th–6th Grade

May 9th–7th Grade

May 11–8th Grade

T-shirt sales began Monday, March 19 and will end on Wednesday, April 11.  New this year, all sales will be online via www.MyPaymentsPlus.com  If you do not already have an account set up, you will need to create one.  (If you pay for lunch online, then you already have an account!)  Find more information and directions on how to create an account on the PE blog http://www.cobblearning.net/dickersonpe/


Schedule this week:

Monday: Finish Governments of Africa

Tuesday: Standard of Living

Wednesday: Economy basics

Thursday: Economies of Africa

Friday: Personal Finance