December 12

12 diciembre 2019

We’re wrapping things up and prepping for the final in class this week!  Today, we had another writing practice and some listening practice.  These are our toughest areas in testing, so please continue to practice using  You can go under Content, then Activities.  Choose any of the Lessons we’ve covered (1-4) and practice anything that let’s you listen and respond!

Today, we also went over the Study Guide from yesterday and worked on another one.  See the attached for reference.

12 diciembre 2019

Final Exam Study Guide 1

Our final is done in 3 steps.  Writing and Speaking will be done on Monday and Tuesday or next week.  Then on Wednesday, we will continue to review for the Reading and Listening portions, which will be taken on Thursday.  Tomorrow, I will have a schedule of the speaking portion, so you can all prepare.

December 10

9-10 diciembre 2019

Practice and review for the Final is in full swing!  On the ninth, we reviewed the Preliminary and the First Units from the semester.  On the tenth, we had a writing practice assignment and did review sheets for Lessons 1 – 3.

We discussed the procedure for the Final Exams.  In World Languages, because we have to assess all four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), there are 4 separate tests.  We will begin with the Speaking and Writing tests on Monday.  By Friday, I will have a list of the order we’ll do the speaking exam in.  Everyone who needs to take the exam, must do their speaking exam with me on Monday or Tuesday of next week.   Students were given a list of topics for the speaking exam.  They will randomly draw a topic the day of the exam.

While we do the speaking exam, everyone in the classroom will be doing the writing exam.  Students will get 1 topic on Monday and another on Tuesday.  I will be grading each one separately and taking the average score as the exam grade.

9 diciembre 2019

Writing assignment 12-10

December 5

3 diciembre 2019

I’m sorry that I was out yesterday, but I’m glad to be back.  I’m catching up on grading the quizzes that were taken yesterday, and I’ll put them into Synergy as soon as possible!

Today, we continued to work on preparing for the Unit test tomorrow.  This is the last Unit test of the semester, so study hard!  This is your chance to bring your grade up CONSIDERABLY because it is a Summative Assessment.  Study your study guide (see below) and make sure you know your vocabulary and how to conjugate stem-changing verbs.

Good luck tomorrow!

5 diciembre 2019

Unit 4 study guide with answers

December 2

2 diciembre 2019

Today in class, we worked on preparing for our Unit 4 test.  We practiced writing during our bell ringer activity.  We practiced listening from the book.  We also practiced vocabulary and conjugation using task cards in small groups.  Because 1st block was extended time, we also played vocabulary BINGO during that class.

Vocabulary quizzes this week will all be from Unit 3 Vocabulary as follows:

martes: La Familia & Otras Personas

miercoles: Las Profesiones, Los Adjetivos & Los Colores

jueves: Las Nacionalidades, Los Verbos & Los Adjetivos Posesivos

You can find the vocabulary on Page 114 in the text, which can be accessed on  You will need to sign in, choose the book, click on Content, click on vText.

2 diciembre 2019

November 22

21 noviembre 2019

Today in class, students had their quiz over stem-changing verbs conjugations.  Then we had a chance to earn speaking points by doing interviews with each other.  They also practiced with book work.  All instructions are in the presentation below.

22 noviembre

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!

November 19

19 noviembre 2019

Today, we learned about verbs with irregular YO forms, like tener -> tengo and ver -> veo.  We practiced by working on our workbooks, pages 45 – 46.  We also had a vocabulary quiz and an exit ticket to see how well students are learning the material and to help prepare everyone for the final.

Tomorrow’s vocabulary quiz will cover Unit 2 vocabulary of La Clase, Numeros 0-100, La Materias, Las Preposiciones, and Las Palabras Adicionales on page 76 of the text.  The online text book is available at by clicking on the Content link and then on vText.

19 noviembre 2019 – opener & exit ticket

19 noviembre 2019 – yo-go verbs

yo-go verbs guided notes


November 18

18 noviembre 2019

Today in class, we took some time to practice conjugating the stem-changing verbs that we learned last week.

18 noviembre 2019

spanish hobbies reading

Stem Changing Verb task cards

Stem changing envelope practice

This week, our vocabulary quizzes will be over Unit 2.  For tomorrow, study La Clase & Numeros de 0 – 100.  Our quiz over stem-changing verbs will be on Friday.