August 16

16 agosto 2019

Today we finished our All About Me presentations and began reviewing for our quiz on Tuesday.  We used to practice with numbers, greetings, and colors.  You can practice with those at the following links.




We also did a review sheet that students can use for studying.  Click here for a copy.  Finally, we played review games to practice our numbers.

August 15

14 agosto 2019 – August 14, 2019

Today we reviewed information about nouns and articles in Spanish.  We had time to practice when to use which kind of article (definite v indefinite/masculine v. feminine/singular v. plural).

Here is the presentation we went over in class. (Note: We did not have time to finish the worksheet that is referenced.  We will do that on Thursday.) 14 agosto 2019

Tomorrow and Friday will be spent doing our Todo Sobre Mi presentations and reviewing what we’ve covered up to this point.  Our first quiz will be Tuesday.

August 13

13 agosto 2019

Today, we began learning about gender in Spanish nouns along with definite and indefinite articles.  We did some practice on handouts.  If students were not able to finish them during class, the packets were homework due tomorrow.

Here is the presentation with the information we covered: 13 agosto 2019

Here is the handout for guided notes: guided notes – nouns and articles

We will continue on this subject tomorrow and have more practice.

REMINDER: All presentations are due on Thursday of this week.  Presentations will be made to the class on Thursday and Friday.

August 12

12 agosto 2019/ August 12, 2019

Today, we learned about Spanish question words and practiced using them.  We interviewed each other about our birthdays and ages (also good practice for numbers and dates!).  We discussed the differences between tu and usted (familiar v. formal “you”) and when to use each.  We also used our vocabulary for greetings and leave-takings for activities sorting dialogues and matching dialogues to pictures.

Homework:  students need to finish their VHL assignments at  This is due tonight by 11:59 pm.  Students also received information about their first presentation: Sobre Todo Mi (All About Me).  The presentation is due on Thursday, August 15.  Presentations will be made on Thursday and Friday.  The form, instructions and rubric are all in the homework page of the Class Notebook.  Students may turn it in electronically or in paper.

Click here for today’s classroom presentation.

August 9

9 agosto 2019 – August 9, 2019

Today, we met in the computer lab for the first time.  Students were asked to make sure that they had access to Office 365 and our Class Notebook.  I will be giving out homework on Class Notebook, so this was very important.  At this point, we have confirmed that everyone in both classes has been added to the class and should be able to access the Notebook at home from

Spanish 1 – Block 1                              Spanish 1 – Block 2

We also got everyone enrolled in the online courses through  Students needed to create an account using a personal email address so they can retrieve lost passwords if necessary.  There is a short assignment that needs to be completed by Monday before midnight.

We also began discussing ways that Spanish-speakers greet each other, say goodbye to each other, and generally act courteously.  Please click here for the presentation from today.  We also went over a packet of handouts for practice.  These may be picked up in the missed assignments folder in class.  If it was not finished in class, it needs to be completed and turned in before class on Monday 8/11/19.

Looking ahead, next week I will be sending home an assignment sheet for our first presentation.  Students will make their short presentations on Thursday and Friday of next week.

August 9

8 agosto 2019 – August 9, 2019

My apologies for not getting this post up last night.  I’m afraid I was out of commission temporarily due to a migraine.  Luckily, I’m better now!

August 8, in class we reviewed Numbers and Letters in Spanish using various activities and games.  Students had to speak Spanish in their small groups to complete the reviews.  Please see the presentation below for more information.

8 agosto 2019

I hope you had a great night!

August 7

El 7 de agosto/ August 7, 2019

Today we learned about the calendar, including vocabulary for days of the week, months of the year, and seasons. We also had a chance to listen to some more Spanish music and had a quick check of letters and numbers.

Click here to see the presentations: , 7 agosto 2019 Your guided notes can be found here.

For more practice with your months and days in Spanish, click here and enjoy the game.  🙂

Finally, we started looking at the vocabulary for Unit 1 in our book.  You were given a vocabulary list to begin translating.  As promised, the link to the eBook for our text is here.

Tomorrow, we will use our vocabulary from earlier in the week to practice our letters and numbers.  Come prepared to speak Spanish!

August 6

6 agosto 2019 – August 6, 2019

Today, we learned about our numbers, colors and shapes in Spanish.  We also heard some music from Lasso, a Venezuelan band, a learned a little bit about Venezuela.  Students used what they learned to create a “monster” out of the shapes and colors.

Click 6 agosto 2019 for the presentation.

Finally, thank you all for working on getting your homework done in Class Notebook.  I know that many of you had issues getting access to it and I’m working with our tech experts to get it all straightened out.  I will be setting a lab day early next week for us to try it from the school computers so we can walk through the process together.

August 5

5 agosto 2019 – August 5, 2019

Today, we started talking about the differences between the English and Spanish Alphabets.  We learned a couple Spanish ABC songs.

We also learned how letters and syllables sound in Spanish with a presentation and Spanish abc guided notes.

Finally, we practiced our alphabet understanding by playing Spanish Alphabet Bingo.

Homework: Due 8/6/19  In the Class Notebook.  Under Homework page in your section: Do Homework for 8/5/19.  Record yourself saying the Spanish Alphabet.

Block 1

Block 2