Digital Learning from April 13 through May 20

Digital learning is now Monday through Thursday. Friday will be used for a catch up/review day.

Video Lessons will continue daily unless we have a day of practice or review.

Skype help will be on Tuesdays and Thursday as follows:

Pre-Calculus: 12 pm to 1 pm

Algebra 2:  1 pm to 2 pm

I encourage you to continue learning and taking notes weather or not you turn in any assignments, tests, or quizzes. Continue taking notes in your notebook. You will definitely want those notebooks for your future math classes (trust me on this) and you have worked hard on these.

Information for Digital Lessons

Each day check the blog for notes and assignments:

  • Notes and instructional videos are given each day. You are expected to take all notes as part of  your continued notebook. Lessons will be posted by 10:00 am each morning.
  • Log into Delta Math each day (teacher code 705092) to complete assignments. Assignments will be checked as part of your continued homework grade. You will be given 2 days to complete each assignment. After the 2 days the assignment will be closed.
  • “Office” Hours for additional help will be Monday – Friday:
  • Pre-Calculus Join Microsoft Teams Meeting    from 12 pm to 1 pm
  • Algebra 2 Join Microsoft Teams Meeting     1:00pm – 2pm



My name is Kim Watson and I will be your Math instructor this term. A little bit about myself. I have taught math for 34 years; 5 years at Lithia Springs and 29 at Harrison High School. My husband and I live in West Cobb and we have a 26 year old son that lives in New York City. I graduated from the University of Georgia. I am a HUGH UGA fan! I also have my masters from Georgia State University. I look forward to working with you this semester. I am here for you so at any point you need any extra help or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. My help sessions are Monday-Friday mornings 7:45 – 8:15 (except Tuesdays) 

Math Makeups:  file:///C:/Users/wke11448/Downloads/Math%20Department%20Make%20Ups%20-%20Fall%202019.pdf

Math Help Sessions: 

Math Department Extra Help – Spring 2020



Week of 5/13 for PreCalculus

Monday: Test for Seniors/ Binomial probability for underclassmen

Unit 8 Probabilty review

Key:  Unit 8 Probability REVIEW KEY

Tuesday: Seniors exam review/ Binomial probability activity for underclassmen

Wednesday: Senior exam review/ Unit Test for underclassmen

Thursday: Senior exam 3rd and 4th/ Exam review underclassmen

Answer for 2015 key   and    even more review answers

Friday: Senior exam 1st and 2nd/ Exam review underclassmen

Week of 4/29 for PreCalculus

Monday: Complex to Polar and vice versa

p.76 Polar Coordinates filled in-1ld76b5

Tuesday: Review Unit

Review key for vectors and comlex numbers

Wednesday: Unit Test

Thursday: Fundamental Counting principle, permutations and combinations

p.80-82 Counting Principle Permutation and Combination INB notes filled in-1jvabzf

Friday: More practice on counting principle, permutations, and combinations