Week of 2/29 for PreCalculus

Monday: Law of sines     Law of sines  and p. 298 1-6 for homework

Tuesday: Law of sines – Ambiguous Cases    Ambiguous cases and p.298 10-17  odds

Wednesday: Law of Cosines     Law of cosines  and p. 298 27 – 33 odds

Thursday: Area of a triangle    Area of a triangle  p. 298 37-41 odds, 45-49 odds & wks  law of sines-cosines word problems

Friday: Review    Review answer key

*****Test Monday****


Week of 2/22 for PreCalculus

Monday: Sum and difference Identities    Sum and difference notes  and  Sum and difference homework

Tuesday: Double and Half angle Identities   Double & half identities notes   and  Double & half homework

SAT evaluation

Wednesday: Review   review key   and formula sheet  Formula sheet

Thursday: Unit Test

Friday: Right triangle trig   Right triangle notes  and   Right triangle wks