Week of 5/1 – 5/16\8 for PreCalculus

Monday: Abs. Value, distance, midpoint   distance and midpoint between two complex numbers-1lgu0xw

Tuesday: complex to polar  Polar to complex and back-1bl4z45

Wednesday: Review  Review key for vectors and comlex numbers-ucpicb

Thursday: Unit Test

Friday: Counting Principle, permutation, combination

Monday: 5/8 practice

Tuesday: Independent vs Dependent

Wednesday: Mutually Exclusive/overlapping

Probability Review for Quiz#1 math1 KEY-oyd8uo

Thursday: Quiz/Expected Value

Friday: Review   Unit 8 Probability REVIEW KEY-1e1790b

Monday: 5/15 Unit Test

Tuesday Review   Answer for 2015 key-13lqczc

Wednesday: Review   even more review answers-1nmflr4

Thursday Exams


Week of 5/1 through 5/18 for Calculus

Monday: Area between curves

Tuesday: Quiz

Wednesday: Disk Method  Disk method-2i0gor6

Thursday: Washer method  Washer method-18goyds

Friday: Worksheet

Monday 5/8 Playdoh lab

Tuesday: Cross section  cross sections (semicircles)-1j92gk2

Wednesday:  Review    review-2as1k7m

Thursday: Unit Test

Friday: Skinny Notebook

Monday 5/15 Skinny Notebook

Tuesday Review

Wednesday: Review

Thursday: Exam