Week of 11/13 for PreCalculus

For objectives and resources click the Pre-Calculus unit 7 page

Monday: complex number to polar     polor coordinate-2g5u7rv

Polar to complex and back-1buygm1   


Tuesday: Distance and average of complex numbers

distance and midpoint between two complex numbers-1lqnii8

Wednesday: Culminating task

cumulative task-11152017135800-1jkge65

Thursday: Review

Vector and polars review key MH-197ueuo

Friday: Unit Test


Week of 11/13 for Algebra 2

For objectives and resources click the Algebra 2 unit 6 page

Monday: Quiz  and solving exponential functions

Solving exponential equations notes-1lcz5kf

Tuesday: Solve log equations

solving log equation notes-1y4ffkr

Wednesday: Mixed practice and game   ODDS

log and expo eq-11152017135601-2g485gm

Thursday: Review unit

Exp & Log Rev (no graphing or apps) Ans Key-2dbay1i

Friday: Unit Test