Week of 2/5 for Algebra 2

See unit 2 page for standards, pre-requisite and assessment examples

Monday: Functions Operations and compositions

notes on functions and their relations-279ii68   Homework: page 28

Function and Relation Notes-1zi1v1p

Tuesday: Inverses graphically and algebraically

notes on inverses wed aug 23-1inrsy6   Homework: page 33

Wednesday: Unit Review         Homework: page 36-39

alg 2 Unit-2-Functions-Review-Key-yxl030-sixn8a   and   alg 2 Unit-2-Functions-Review-1s8ulec-10plzc0

Thursday: Unit Test

Friday: Factoring higher degree polynomials

notes on factoring higher degree polynomials alg 2-2mw22zj

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