Week of 2/5 for Pre-Calculus

See unit 3 page for standards, pre-requisite and assessment examples

Monday: Angles and their measures in degrees  Homework: see unit plan

1 PreCU1L2-AngleMeasures-PPT-1jxff2z p30,31,33 degrees notes filled in-1w8ubqc

Tuesday: Angles and their measure in radians   Homework: see unit plan

p33 radians notes (foldable) filled in-17y9epe

Wednesday: Radian measure continued            Homework: see unit plan

p35-36 sketch radians and arc length-1t53pq0

Thursday: Right Triangle Trig                               Homework: see unit plan

p37 Trig Ratios (Right Triangle Trig) filled in-2ekrdp7

Quiz Review and key   Unit 3 review of the basic trig quiz wkst F17-1jvobj2

Unit 3 intro to trig quiz review F17 KEY-10kxef4

Friday: Quiz and Build the unit circle

p38-39 building the unit circle INB-1u5zeck


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