Week of 5/14 for Algebra 2

Monday: Z scores and normal distribution   Homework pages 21-26

Tuesday: In class assignment to be turned in pages 27-29

Wednesday: Review


Thursday: Unit Test

Friday: Review for final

alg-two-exam-review-KEY-29uf42e alg-two-exam-review2-KEY-2hw5xwp Alg-2-Review-3-and-Key-1ksubrn Alg-2-Review-1-and-Key-u7mnog

Monday: Review for final

Tuesday: EXAMS  1 & 2nd periods

Wednesday: EXAMS  3rd and 4th periods

Week of 5/7 for PreCalculus

See unit 8 page for standards, pre-requisite and assessment examples

Monday: Counting, Permutations, and Combinations

p.80-82 Counting Principle Permutation and Combination INB notes filled in-1jd2qer

Tuesday: Practice

Wednesday: Independent vs dependent

p.84 Independent vs dependent probability-2c34dep

Thursday: Mutually exclusive

p.85-86 Probability Mutually Exclusive vs Overlapping Events filled in notes-1qhbrc0

p.87 Expected Value INB filled in-16ednrz

Friday: Review

Unit Test Monday!!!


Week of 5/7 for Algebra 2

See unit 6 page for standards, pre-requisite and assessment exam

Monday: Review for test   Homework: pages 34 & 35, but also look over pages 36 & 37 from Friday

Exp & Log Rev (no graphing or apps) Ans Key-2dk5dho

Tuesday: Unit Test

Wednesday: Measure of Central Tend. and variation   Homework: pages 9-10

alg 2 day 1 stats notes-1orbklg

Thursday: Normal Distribution  Homework: pages 17-19

Friday:  Summary of normal distribution and pop quiz