Week of 9/11 for PreCalculus

Part of review left off of first period:    part of review-wcwkgc

key :   rev part 2-1yj39xr  plus  Unit 1 Trig Review-1ysa3li

Please check page links for all standards, pre-requisite skills, and sample assessments:

Monday: Unit Test

Tuesday: Graphing parent graphs        Study

p.41-42 trig parent graphs filled in-2lpsswz

Wednesday:   Quiz and Transformations (worksheet)

p.43 transformations of trig graphs filled in-2297tgt

Thursday: Writing equations from graphs (worksheet)

p.44 writing equations of trig graphs filled in-1ijav4f

Friday: Applications  (worksheet)

p.45 applications of trig graphs filled in-11ij8c5

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