Week of 1/28 for PreCalculus

Monday: Systems of Conics                     Homework: worksheet

p28-29 conic systems notes-1lhpcsp  

Key for system:  system-u9tulq

Tuesday: Review of unit

key for conics review-rkmc9u

Wednesday: Unit Test

Thursday: Degrees                                       Homework: worksheet

p30,31,33 degrees notes filled in-1wr65ey

Friday: Radians                                            Homework: worksheet

p33 radians notes (foldable) filled in-18gl8cn


Week of 1/28 for Algebra 1

Monday: Additional Review – Justification

2.1 – Properties of Equality-17rmuqx

Tuesday: Quiz and Equations of lines (graph and table)    Homework: Delta Math

Wednesday: Word Problems                                                      Homework: Delta Math

Thursday: Word Problems/Graphing                                       Homework: Delta Math

Friday: Graphing and Characteristics                                        Homework: Delta Math