Algebra 2

Week of 9/16: (notes will be posted daily)

Monday: Find roots given one root

Tuesday: Find all Roots  Finding all roots

Homework: page 12 & 13

Wednesday: Find all roots/Writing equations Writing polynomials equations from given zeros

Homework: page 18-19

Thursday: Review

Friday: Higher degree polynomial test


Week of 9/9: (notes will be posted daily)

Monday: Factor Higher degree polynomials  Factoring higher degree polynomials

HW: page 2 all

Tuesday: Factor to solve  Solving higher degree polynomials

HW pages 6-7 odds

Wednesday: Long & Synthetic division  Long and synthetic division

HW pages 8 & 9

Thursday: Review for quiz

quiz rev higher poly-001

Friday: Quiz

Week of 9/2: (notes will be posted daily)

Tuesday: Function operations and compositions

Function operations;compositions  page 20

Wednesday: Inverses  Inverses notes-214t4j7

Thursday: Review  alg 2 Unit-2-Functions-Review-Key-yxl030-sixn8a

Friday: Unit Test: Characteristics of polynomials Test


Week of 26: (notes will be posted daily)

Monday: All characteristics of a polynomial – around the hall review

Tuesday: Polynomial Operations  page 17 evens

poly operation-08282019093357

Wednesday: Pascal’s Triangle  pascal triangle

Thursday: Review

Friday: Quiz


Week of 8/19: (notes will be posted daily)

Monday: Finding the best method to solve quadratics

Tuesday: Review

Wednesday: Unit Test

Thursday: Characteristics of polynomials

Characteristics of polynomals

Friday: End behavior/increasing/decreasing

Characteristics of polynomals

namelabel poly-08262019112459

Week of 8/12: 

Monday: More Factoring, class activity and worksheet  page 11

Tuesday: SGM and solve by factoring   page 12 & 13 also Quiz review page 14 & 15

Wednesday: Quiz

Thursday: Quadratic Formula  quadratic formula Notes  

page 16

Friday: Complete the square         page 17

Syllabus: Alg2 syllabus FALL 2019

Algebra 2 Calendar: Fall Calendar 2019 Alg 2

Week 1 & 2: August 1 – August 9

8/1, 8/2, 8/5: What is a complex number; Add, subtract, multiply, and divide complex numbers

Complex #’s Notes

8/6: Complex number bingo and review

8/7: Quiz and Square root method  Complete the square notes

8/8: Factoring GCF and Difference of Squares

8/9: Factoring Trinomials  Factoring trinomials