Algebra II: Unit 1

In this unit, students will:

  • Define rational exponents.
  • Rewrite expression involving radicals and rational exponents.
  • Define the imaginary number i.
  • Define complex numbers.
  • Operate with complex numbers.
  • Understand that the basic properties of numbers continue to hold with expressions involving exponents.


Complex #’s HW-2bcwig2

Complex #’s Maze-26pt7eo

Complex #’s Notes-22px36h

Complex #’s Practice-2msydr1

factoring graphic organizer-14lbjfg

Factoring Maze-1hpq1wg

Factoring Quad HW-1d49gco

Factoring Quadratics Notes-2nhnkth


Enrichment best method-27lqfpk

Radical Practice:



  • Prerequistite skills assessment:
  • Post skills assessment:
  • Key vocabulary: