Algebra II Unit 2

In this unit, students will:

  • Understand the definition of a polynomial.
  • Interpret the structure and parts of a polynomial expression. including terms, factors, and coefficients.
  • Simplify polynomial expressions by performing operations, applying the distributive property, and combining like terms.
  • Use the structure of  polynomials to identify ways to rewrite them and write polynomials in equivalent forms to solve problems.
  • Perform arithmetic operations on polynomials and understand how closure applies under addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
  • Divide one polynomial by another using long division.
  • Use Pascal’s Triangle to determine coefficients of binomial expansion.
  • Use polynomial identities to solve problems.
  • Use complex numbers in polynomial identities and equations.
  • Find inverses of simple functions.


Poly Characteristics and End Bahavior HW-1hqkiu5

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Binomial HW-1cdh7ku

Function Operations and Comp-2boxs1z

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Binomial Exp and Pascal Notes-san5h0Binomial HW-1cdn68w



Pre Assessment:

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