Week of 5/13 for PreCalculus

Monday: Test for Seniors/ Binomial probability for underclassmen

Unit 8 Probabilty review

Key:  Unit 8 Probability REVIEW KEY

Tuesday: Seniors exam review/ Binomial probability activity for underclassmen

Wednesday: Senior exam review/ Unit Test for underclassmen

Thursday: Senior exam 3rd and 4th/ Exam review underclassmen

Answer for 2015 key   and    even more review answers

Friday: Senior exam 1st and 2nd/ Exam review underclassmen

Week of 4/29 for PreCalculus

Monday: Complex to Polar and vice versa

p.76 Polar Coordinates filled in-1ld76b5

Tuesday: Review Unit

Review key for vectors and comlex numbers

Wednesday: Unit Test

Thursday: Fundamental Counting principle, permutations and combinations

p.80-82 Counting Principle Permutation and Combination INB notes filled in-1jvabzf

Friday: More practice on counting principle, permutations, and combinations

Week of 4/8 for PreCalculus

Monday: Solving Right Triangles

p.62 applications of right triangles inb notes filled in-ss8rp5

Angles of Elevation and Depression guided notes inb-1h061dq

Tuesday: Law of sines part 1

p.63-64 law of sines inb notes revised filled in-1g2uczk

Law of Sines guided notes inb-2lavh6h

Wednesday: Ambiguous Cases

p.65 law of sines ambiguous case guided notes filled in-1jiubg2

Ambiguous Case INB-1cklsv2

Thursday: Law of Cosines

p.66-67 law of cosines inb notes filled in-r5tlbx

Friday: Area of a triangle

p.68 area of a triangle notes filled in-13vpoay