Pre-Calculus Unit 1 Matrices


In this unit students will:

  • Represent and manipulate data using matrices.
  • Define the order of a matrix as the number of rows by the number of columns.
  • Add and subtract matrices and know these operations are possible only when the dimensions are equal.
  • Recognize that matrix addition and subtraction are commutative.
  • Multiply matrices by a scalar and understand the distributive and associative properties apply to matrices.
  • Multiply matrices and know when the operation is defined.
  • Recognize that matrix multiplication is not commutative.
  • Understand and apply the properties of a zero matrix.
  • Understand and apply the properties of an identity matrix.
  • Find the determinant of a square matrix and understand that it is a nonzero value if and only if the matrix has an inverse.
  • Use 2 X 2 matrices as transformations of a plane and determine the area of the plane using the determinant
  • Write a system of linear equations as a matrix equation and use the inverse of the coefficient matrix to solve the system.


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  • Sample prerequisite skills: ¬†
  • Sample Unit test: ¬†