Pre-Calculus Unit 7: Vectors

In this unit, stud

ents will:

  • Recognize vectors as mathematical objects having both magnitude and direction.
  • Add / Subtract vectors using a variety of methods: end to end, parallelogram, and component wise.
  • Multiply vectors by a scalar.
  • Interpret operations on vectors (+, –, ×) geometrically.
  • Understand why the magnitude of the sum of two vectors is usually less than (sometimes equal to) the sum of their magnitudes
  • Use vectors to solve problems.
  • Apply matrix transformations to vectors.
  • Plot complex numbers in the complex plane.
  • write complex numbers in rectangular and polar form
  • Interpret operations on complex numbers (+, –, ×, ÷, conjugate) geometrically.
  • Use the complex plane to find the distance between two complex numbers.
  • Use the complex plane to find the average of two complex numbers.

Pre-requisite skills

Sample Test