Week of 12/9:

Monday: Carnival activity using expected value

Tuesday: Binomial Probability  binomial distribution

Wednesday: Red card lab

Thursday: Review of the unit    Unit 8 Probabilty review

Friday: Unit Test


Week of 12/2:

Monday: Independent vs dependent p.84 Independent vs dependent probability

Tuesday: Mutually  Exclusive and Inclusive p.85-86 Probability Mutually Exclusive vs Overlapping Events filled in notes

Wednesday: Review for quiz

Thursday: Quiz

Friday: Expected Value p.87 Expected Value INB filled in

Week of 11/18:

Monday: Complex and polar numbers  p.76 Polar Coordinates filled in p.77-78 Rectangular and Polar form of complex numbers filled in

Tuesday: Review  vector test review key 1

Wednesday: Unit Test: Vectors and complex numbers

Thursday: Permutation and combination  p.80-82 Counting Principle Permutation and Combination INB notes filled in

Friday: Permutation and combination continued

Happy Thanksgiving

Week of 11/11:

Monday: Review

Tuesday: Quiz

Wednesday: Complex Numbers  p.72-73 Operations with Complex Numbers and Conjugates filled in

Thursday: Absolute Value of complex numbers  p.74 Absolute Value & Direction of Complex Numbers filled in

Friday: Distance and midpoint of complex numbers  p.75 Distance & Midpoint Between 2 Complex Numbers filled in

Week of 11/4:

Monday: Geometric Vectors  p.69 Geometric Vectors INB notes filled in

Tuesday: Election Day

Wednesday: Algebraic Vectors  p.70 Algebraic Vectors INB notes

Thursday: Vector Applications  p.71 Vector Applications INB notes

Friday: Vector applications continued

Week of 11/1:  ****Daily quizzes

Monday: Law of Sines  p.63-64 law of sines inb notes filled in

Tuesday: Ambiguous cases    p.65 law of sines ambiguous case guided notes filled in

Wednesday: Law of Cosines  p.66-67 law of cosines inb notes filled in

Thursday: Area of a triangle and review  p.68 area of a triangle notes filled in

Review key  PC Review Solving Oblique Triangles-KEY

Friday: Unit Test on solving triangles

Week of 10/21:

Monday: Double and Half Angle Identities    p.60-61 double and half identity inb notes filled in

Tuesday: Review    review key

Wednesday: Unit Test: Trig Identities

Thursday: Solving Right Triangles  p.62 applications of right triangles inb notes filled in

Friday: Law of Sines  p.63-64 law of sines inb notes revised filled in

Week of 10/14:

Monday: Solving Trig Equations    p.56 solve trig equations filled in

Tuesday: Solving Trig Equations –

Wednesday: Review  6.1-6.2 trig quiz review key front

6.1-6.2 trig quiz review key back

Thursday: Quiz

Friday: Sum and difference Identities  p.58-59 sum and difference identity inb notes filled in

Week of 10/7:

Monday: Midterm Review   Scroll to the bottom for the answer key

Pre-Calculus Midterm Review F16 id2

Tuesday: Midterm

Wednesday: Basic Trig Identities    p.51-53 identities solving and simplifying inb filled in

Thursday: Verifying  p.54 Verifying trig identities notes filled in

Friday: Verifying

Week of 9/30:

Monday: Graphing tan/cot    p.46 graphing trig functions filled in

Tuesday: Graphing and equation practice  class activity

Wednesday: Trig Inverses  p.49-50 inverses of trig functions filled in

Thursday: Review unit    9 Review KEY

Friday: Unit Test: Trig graphs

Week of 9/16:

Monday: Word Problems continued

word problems

Tuesday: Review

Wednesday: Quiz

Thursday: Graphing sine/cosine/sec/csc  p.46 graphing trig functions filled in

Friday: Graphing sine/cosine/sec/csc  worksheet

Week of 9/9:

Monday: Unit Test: Basic Trig

Tuesday: Parent Graphs  p.41-42 trig parent graphs filled in

Wednesday: Parent Quiz and Transformations  p.43 transformations of trig graphs filled in

Thursday: Writing equations from graphs  p.44 writing equations of trig graphs filled in

Friday: Word Problems  p.45 applications of trig graphs filled in

Homework: word ;robs

Week of 9/3:

Tuesday: Building the unit circle p38-39 building the unit circle INB

Wednesday: Quiz/exact value  p40 exact trig values filled in

Thursday: Activity/exact values

Friday: Review      Unit review key

Extra review:    Unit 3 review of the basic trig quiz wkst F17  


Week of 8/26: 

Monday: Degrees  p30,31,33 degrees notes filled in

Tuesday: Radians  p33 radians notes (foldable) filled in

Wednesday: Radians continued  P34 converting degrees and radians

p35-36 sketch radians and arc length

Thursday: SOHCAHTOA  p37 Trig Ratios (Right Triangle Trig) filled in

Review key:  quiz review basic trig

Friday: Quiz  and special right triangles

Week of 8/19:

Monday: Hyperbolas  p24-27 hyperbola & classifying conics notes

Tuesday: Identifying conics and systems:  p28-29 conic systems notes

Wednesday: Conics projects

Thursday: More systems/review  key for conics review

Friday: Unit Test: Conics

Week of 8/12 :

Monday: Circles  p15 intro to conics & circles notes

Tuesday: Ellipses  p18-20 ellipse notes

Wednesday: Parabolas  p21-23 parabola notes

Thursday: Review of circles, ellipses, and parabolas

Friday: Quiz

Syllabus: syllabus10

Calendar: SemesterCalendarPacing2019

Week of 8/1-8/2: 8/5-8/9

8/1: What is a matrix; adding/subtracting matrices    p1-6 add subt matrices

8/2: Multiplying matrices  p7-8 mult matrices

8/5: Determinants and inverses  p9-12 determinant inverses identity equations

Optional Quiz review:  opt quiz-08052019095321

8/6: Quiz and calculator use

8/7: Decoding and Systems  p13-14 solving systems w matrices inb

8/8: Review

PC Key matrix review spring 2017

8/9: Unit Test