Fall Break Reading Challenge! Let’s Do This!!!


Posted by greenwaldsgreatgators | Posted in Class News | Posted on 21st September 2018

Mrs. Dupuis is challenging every student to read 200 minutes during Fall Break. The challenge begins Friday, September 21 at midnight and ends on Sunday, September 30 at 11:59pm.

If you complete this challenge by reading at least 200 minutes, we will enter your name to win Book Fair bucks for our Scholastic Book Fair in October!   There will be one winner from each grade level.

If you read OVER 200 minutes, your name will be enter for each extra 20 minutes of reading you complete. That means if you read for 220 minutes, your name is entered twice. If you read for 240 minutes, you will be entered THREE times!  Once for the 200 minute challenge completion, and once for each extra 20 minutes that you read!

How will we know that you have read 200 minutes?  Mrs. Dupuis will look at Biblionasium on Monday, October 1 to see how much you have read!

How do you participate?  Go to Biblionasium and log in just like you did for the summer reading challenge. You will need your student number (the one you use to check out books and buy lunch) and your password that you log into the computer with.

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