Mrs. Lee's Social Studies Class

7th grade social studies

Where Would I Live? Project materials

Below are the materials needed to complete the Where would I live? Map Analysis.

Map Analysis Sheet 1st and 6th    

Map Analysis Sheet 2nd, 3rd, 7th

Glossary for Mapping Analysis

Maps for Analysis

Rubric 1st and 6th

Rubric 2nd, 3rd, 7th

Presentation Template

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2nd, 3rd, and 7th periods  –Lee Syllabus 2018-2019

1st and 6th periods  –Lee Syllabus 2018-2019

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August 2018



WED- Getting to know you Emoji activity

Thurs-Job Applications

Fri-Unit I pretest and Counselor presentation


Monday-Label Middle East map Map 1st and 6th P Map 2nd, 3rd, 7th P

Tuesday-Map Game and review

Wed-Map game and Deep Thoughts Activity Deep Thoughts SW Asia Geography Summarizer

Thurs-Cooking up a civilization notes Recipe for Settlement

Friday-Map Quiz and start Where would I live? project.

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Gandhi Film Analysis Questions

Gandhi questions-Gandhi film study questions-29e717t

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History of SE Asia

Thursday-Study Guide


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Who is the economic Giant? South Africa vs. Nigeria

We are going to start our writing process on Tuesday. So please make sure all the documents have been analyzed. You should be complete with docs a-g when you arrive in class tomorrow.

Glossary for documents

Ways to Cite Evidence

Analysis sheet 2nd, 3rd, 7th p

Analysis sheet 1st and 6th p


Document Hints

DBQ essay Rubric 2018-11rtggx



  1. Look at all the data first!
  2. Choose a piece of evidence that can answer the question
  3. keep it simple
  4. Cite evidence using a citation
  5. Include the actual data from the document and include information about both countries
  6. fill out your analysis sheet completely
  7. Make sure your argument explains how it would make the country an economic giant
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African Governments

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February 12-16

Monday-Start Government Instability, complete part one of government instability graphic organizer

Tuesday- Complete part 2 and 3 of government instability graphic organizer 


Wednesday-Data Comparison complete section 4 of government instability organizer

Thursday-complete medical conference and prescription

Friday- group presentation of prescriptions

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February 5-9

Monday- How internal and external forces ended Apartheid (apartheid graphic organizer)

Tuesday- Research using Biography in context on Cobb Digital Library how Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk helped to end apartheid

Wednesday-Continue research and start Unit VI Study Guide

Thursday-Review for test  Unit VI African History Study Guide-12wuk8q

Friday-Unit VI Test

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Scramble for Africa Webquest

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