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South Africa and Apartheid Project

Apartheid and South Africa

Apartheid Project Rubric 2019-2oad8p3
Extension Menus
1. Photo Documentary Book

Your job is to document the fight against apartheid. Research events that show how the people of South Africa fought apartheid and find pictures to create a photo documentary book. Requirements:
__ 10 pictures with captions describing the event
__ citation of sources
__ completed on paper in book format or printed powerpoint in book format
__pictures in color or black and white

2. Awards Ceremony Presentation

Your job is to plan an awards ceremony for an Anti Apartheid activist. Write a speech about the person’s accomplishments and create a guest list (Who would you need to make sure attended. Can include people living or deceased.) Make sure to turn in a sample invitation and a copy of speech.
__ speech minimum 1 page
__ guest list (minimum 10 invites
__ sample invitation
__ citation of sources
__ filmed or live presentation

3. Apartheid Activist  Fat Head
Create a fathead of a famous anti apartheid activist in South Africa.
___ Create a fat head of your leader using butcher paper
__complete the “character profile” sheet for the leader on the fathead
__ include a one page bio of your person
__ citation of sources

Apartheid Menu for print



  1. Photo Documentary 

Britannica Imagequest

Citations should be on a separate sheet of paper in the following format: (You may copy and paste onto a word doc)

Name of the photo:



2. Awards ceremony presentation

Biography In Context  – use this link to look up one of the  activists under “Suggested activists”

invitation template maker -use this link to make an online invitation (see me before exiting out)

Event Invitation

Citations should be on a separate sheet of paper in the following format: (You may copy and paste onto a word doc)

Name of website:

Date of information/article:

3. Anti Apartheid Activist Fat Head

Character Profile Sheet -use this template to label your fat head

Biography Outline Sheet -use this to help write your biography

Citations should be on a separate sheet of paper in the following format: (You may copy and paste onto a word doc)

Name of website:

Date of information/article:


Suggested  Anti Apartheid Activists 

See the source image Winnie Mandela

See the source imageAlbertina Sisulu

South Africa Nadine Gordimer Nadine Gordimer

See the source image Desmond Tutu

See the source image Oliver Tambo

Donald Woods

See the source imageSteve Biko


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African History- Indepedent WebQuest

Webquest print out

WebQuest – History & Civics of Africa
Directions: Use the websites below to answer the questions. Make sure answers are in complete sentences.

SS7H1 (Hold control while you click the link to open it)
o 1) What was the cause of most of Africa’s borders today?
o 2) Which European powers played roles in colonizing Africa during the 1800s and 1900s?
o 3) Which resources did the Europeans discover within the interior of Africa?
o 4) How is it possible that the Europeans were able to bring positive activities to Africa during the colonization period? (Hold control while you click the link to open it)
o 5) What is nationalism?
o 6) How did nationalism transform the identities of Africans?
o 7) What do you think these various nationalist movements led to across Africa? (Hold control while you click the link to open it)
o 8) How were non-white South Africans treated during the apartheid era?
o 9) During the apartheid era, which groups were established to separate South Africans based on race?
o 10) How did South Africa change in 1994?
o 11) Why was Nelson Mandela’s election as president of South Africa so significant?
o 12) Why would South Africa continue to suffer with so many problems even though apartheid was eliminated over 20 years ago? (Hold control while you click the link to open it)
o 13) Why did proponents of the Pan-African movement want to eliminate the presence of the European colonists?
o 14) Who initiated the Pan-African movement?
o 15) Why will it be so difficult to unify the nations of Africa together?


Independent final project materials -please print if you need another copy

Movie Directions and Topic Sheet

Movie Maker Grading checklist-1sxc7zl

Movie Maker Story Board—-must be done and reviewed by teacher prior to starting movie


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Scramble for Africa Webquest

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Monday- Religion VS Ethnicity Review , Start African Ethnic groups chart

Tuesday-Finish Chart, complete ethnic group map, complete Ethnic group Paper Slide

Wednesday- Watch paper slides, take Ethnic group quiz

Thursday-Unit VI Pre Test , Start European Partitioning Cloze Notes and Identify social, political and economic reasons for colonization

Friday-Scramble for Africa Webquest

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Monday-U.S Involvement Gallery Walk and Assessment

Tuesday-Complete Map of Africa

Wednesday-Biome Map of Africa

Thursday -Biome/population distribution presentation and graphic organizer

Friday-African geography task card challenge and map quiz

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Monday-Par vs Pres review by playing “Shake it off” game, start gov rap

Tuesday-No School

Wed-Finish Gov rap, Start government chart for Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia

Thursday- finish chart, start comprehension questions

Friday-Review Guide


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Unit IV Government Independent Assisgnment

Independent Learning Performance Task
Directions: You are going to create a Prezi, commercial (IMOVIE or MovieMaker), or other type of media presentation that shows your deep understanding of the government of your OWN COUNTRY! That’s right, you are going to create your own independent country.
What to include:
• You must title your country. It must reflect the culture of the country you are creating.
• You must create a flag for your country that represents the culture and identity of your country
• You must create a form of government for your country. You must pick from Monarchy, Theocracy, Presidential Democracy, Parliamentary Democracy, Constitutional Monarchy or Dictatorship.
• You must correctly identify the leader
• You must correctly demonstrate how the leader gains power
• You must correctly explain how the citizens in your country will participate, is it autocratic, democratic or oligarchic?
(Make sure your government leader and citizen participation and other freedoms/rules match the form of government you chose)
• You must create a constitution for your country. It has to include 10 fundamental rights. (YOU can have fun here, but also think what rights you think people should have)

Essentially you are creating a “GUIDE” for your country. You are explaining the details of your country so that visitors will know what to expect upon their arrival to your country. Along with your guide you are creating a 2 minute commercial that advertises your country so other people will know about it.

Check out to see what type of information countries post about their country as a starting point. When you visit the page click the “Country Information” heading at the top and select a country to read about.

Also look at the as another resource to understand the type of information I am looking for.

The goal is for you to design a FUN, CREATIVE AND ENTERTAINNING presentation that informs people about your country. Have FUN WITH IT! YOU ARE NOW THE LEADER of your OWN country. DESIGN it! Put yourself in a leader’s shoes and decide how you would lead and what you would want the ideal country to have.


_____ Warm up 11/5/18-11/9/18
_____ I have completed all the above information
_____ My final guidebook copy is typed
_____ My final guidebook copy is printed
_____ My commercial/presentation is emailed to Ms. Lee
_____Guidebook Due date 11/15/18
_____Commercial Presentation due Wednesday 11/15/18
_____ Script for commercial due FRIDAY 11/9/18


Printable doc of directions Unit IV GOV independent Assignment 2018-ppp7m9

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Monday-Complete Study Guide for UNit III

Tuesday-Play review game

Wednesday-Take Unit III Assessment

Thursday-Unit IV pre test, Start Gov unit-complete SW Asia Government anticipation Guide , Start Parliamentary vs Presidential Democracies Venn Diagram

Friday-Finish Parm vs Pres Venn Diagram, play shake it off game

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Specialization video for 10/4/18

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Independent Economic Assignment Materials

Activating Strategies

Blank Lesson Plan Template

Independent Economic Assignment

Summarizing Strategies

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