Mrs. Lee's Social Studies Class

7th grade social studies


Monday- Finish Rate a Gov Review, take Quiz over Parliamentary, Presidential and Monarchy governments

Tuesday-No School

Wednesday-Study Guide completion unit IV review guide 

Thursday- Play review game

Friday-Unit IV Test

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Independent Gov Assignment

Unit IV GOV independent Assignment 2017-2jz89q5

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October 30th-November 3rd

Monday-Government Pre test, complete anticipation guide

Tuesday-Parliamentary Democracy Vs. Presidential Democracy Reading and Venn Diagram , 

Wednesday-Shake it off Game practice Parm vs PRes , simulations

Thursday – Government of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel Chart and reading

Friday-Rate a Gov , comprehension questions

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October 16-25

Monday-Trade barriers

Flipped Questions 2, 3, 7

Trade BArrier Letter 1, 6

Tuesday-same as Monday

Wednesday-Unit III Study Guide UNIT III STUDY GUIDE 2017-2a1srwl

Thursday-Unit III Study Guide

Friday -Water Issues

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Independent Economic Assignment

Econ Assignment Directions

When researching information, use Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel as examples.

Opening Session Ideas: Openers    Openers should “OPEN” your lesson, provide background knowledge necessary for lesson, get students thinking, activate their prior knowledge.

Work Session: This can be a powepoint with notes, a video clip, an article, game, etc. Pick what works for your lesson

Closing Session Ideas: Closers Closers should “CLOSE: your lesson, it should allow student to demonstrate what they learned, get students to apply their thinking.


Graphic Organizers are a huge help when teaching a lesson. Try the following websites.


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Conference Week Sign up!

Please click here to sign up for your child’s conference. Thank you! —–>Conference Week Sign Up HR ONLY

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Why was Israel Created? Documents

Documents    Doc Analysis Sheets

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Sorry for the late update!

9/11/17 -9/15/17




1st-work on DBQ

2nd-Why was Israel created scenarios and notes


6th- work on DBQ

7th-complete 4 corners activity and a birth announcement or Football Card for the creation of Israel


1st-work in DBQ

2nd-complete 4 corners activity and a birth announcement or Football Card for the creation of Israel




6th period-finish doc analysis for DBQ

7th-Israeli and Palestinian viewpoints activity


1st and 6th-work on DBQ

2nd -Israeli and Palestinian Viewpoints Activity

3rd-Creation of Israel Scenario Activity

7th-finish Israeli  Palestinian Viewpoints

Wed-1st and 6th-work on DBQ

2nd-Finish viewpoints

3rd-creation of Israel quiz

7th-start study guide

HOMEWORK-complete study guide  UNIT II Study Guide

Thursday-study guide

homework-study for test using study guide


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Monday-Welcome Back!

Tuesday-Job Applications, go over Tapp PRIDE expectations

Wednesday-Start Map of Middle East

Map 2nd, 3rd, 7th P   Map 1st and 6th P

Thursday- Finish Map and play Map review Dice Game

Friday- HW: Study for Map quiz

Play review game, complete Deep Thoughts SW Asia Geography Summarizer


Monday-We are starting out “Where Would I Live?” Map Analysis

HW: Study for Map Quiz

Complete Recipe for Settlement


Complete Map Analysis of choosing a place to live

Glossary for Mapping Analysis 2017-2jr5hah

mapping analysis sheet AC

Mapping Anaylsis Activity 2

Mapping Anaylsis Activity 1

Maps for doc analysis 2017-12dd4uc

Wednesday-Continue Map Analysis

Thursday-Continue Map Analysis

Friday-Continue Map Analysis


Monday-Start Map Analysis Presentations

Rubric    AC Rubric

Tuesday- Continue Presentations

Wednesday-Last day to work on Presentations

THEY ARE DUE TODAY! Must be air dropped or emailed to teacher by today to avoid late penalty!

Thursday- Start 3 monotheistic religions-complete origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Friday-Play JCI spinner game to complete triple Venn Diagram


Monday -Complete 3 religion Venn Diagram using notes (ECLIPSE DAY) Venn Diagram 1st and 6th Venn Diagram 2nd 3rd 7th

Tuesday-Play religion spinner review game-Take 3 Religions Quiz

Wednesday-Receive Study Guide, Sunni vs Shia Split Unit Study Guide    Sunni Shia Split

Thursday-Counselors come in for session

Friday-finish Sunni vs. Shia, Work on Study Guide



Monday-Unit I Test (3rd p T1L1)

Tuesday-3rd period takes Test , Take SLO,

Start Ethnicity VS. Religion

Wednesday-Finish Ethnicity VS Religion (early Release)

Thursday-Start Middle East Ethnic Groups

Friday-Finish Ethnic Groups –Take QUIZ Religion V Ethnicity Handout


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school survey link


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