Mrs. Lee's Social Studies Class

7th grade social studies


Monday- start 4 regions of Africa, complete Population Distribution Chart using booklet (see MS. Lee for booklet)

6th PERIOD USE THE FOLLOWING TO complete chart sahara-1 sahel    savanna-1      tropical-rainforest-1

HOMEWORK: Complete  USA TEST PREP GEOGRAPHY of Africa assignment, study for map quiz using map

Tuesday- complete map quiz, work on chart

Homework: complete USA TEST PREP 4 regions of Africa assignment, study population distribution chart

Wednesday-complete 4 regions of Africa quiz, 4 regions of Africa essay quiz rubric

Thursday-start railroad engineering activity africa-map-railway

Friday-work on railroad engineering assignment

HOMEWORK: bring in materials for model



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Toy PBL Tapp Apps


For each toy on the list write down the INTENDED MARKET, WOW FACTOR, and PARENT VIEW.

Toy History Infographic


Toys_note-taking-sheet (1)

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Monday- Complete map of Africa Africa Directions and Maps

Tuesday-Work on Map and start Physical Geography of Africa location Chart Physical Features Chart


Wednesday- Finish Chart

Thursday-Investigating Africa Passport Activity

Friday-MAP quiz finish investigation activity

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