February 12 – 16

Happy Monday Morning!

I hope you were all able to stay safe in all the rain this weekend.  Today, we will be going on our much anticipated Adaptive PE dance.  We are so excited to see former classmates and move and grove to the beat.  We have been practice by dancing to GoNoodle songs in class, and dancing in Adaptive PE.

This week, we will continue celebrating African American History Month with a study on Rosa Parks.  In Social Studies, students will watch several videos on Rosa Parks, complete sequencing activities on her life, and take a quiz on Friday.

Tomorrow, we will have a Mardi Gras cultural lesson to go along with our Reading article on Mardi Gras.  We will have king cake, drinks, beads, and hats for everyone.  We will watch a Mardi Gras parade that I have reviewed ahead of time.

In Math, we will also continue our unit on ratios that students began last week.  Overall, students have been doing an outstanding job learning ratios.  Students who have mastered the skill will be given higher level problems to continue challenging them.

In Science, we will discuss changing states of matter with a cake experiment.

Please remember, next week is winter break. Enjoy the very long “weekend” with your students.  We’ll see you back on Monday, February  26.

February 5 – 9

This month we will celebrate African American History Month.  We will begin by learning about important African Americans during Reading, ELA, and Social Studies.  As the month progresses, we will discuss the Civil Rights Movement with historical examples and a flip book.  Students will have their weekly reading test on Friday.  This week in math, we will learn about ratios and equivalent ratios.  Students will have a summative test on the African American History Month at the end of the month.

We continue to see students becoming sick in our room.  We are all very appreciative that parents have been cautious and keeping students home when they haven’t felt well.  We are continuing to wipe down desks every day.  I have requested that the custodians use a special sanitizer that disinfects the entire room at least once a week until the flu season is over.  They are also coming to treat the room any time a student shows symptoms of possible illness regardless of when the room has last been disinfected.  Please be assured that we are working very hard to keep the room clean and minimize the spread of germs.  We want everyone to be healthy.

As a reminder, students will have Winter Break the week February 19 – 23.

January 29 – February 2

Happy Monday!!

Students have adjusted well to coming back to class following Christmas break and the unexpected snow days.  They have welcomed new adults in the room, Mr. Ford who joined us at the end of December, and Mrs. Patterson who joined us a couple days after returning from the break.  I’m very proud of all the students for adjusting well given all the changes!

This week, we should finish collecting all GAA assignments.  Students in 6th grade will finish ratios, dot plots, sequencing, and context clues.  Students in 7th grade will finish inferences (Math), context clues, and sequencing.  Students in 8th grade will finish rational numbers, sequencing, context clues, and chemical/physical changes.  Students in 8th grade have been done with Social Studies for almost two months.  Science and Social studies are not tested in 6th and 7th grades, but I do teach the content to all grade levels.

We will be reading about the Super Bowl in Reading/ELA.  Students will receive their weekly Reading/ELA grades on Friday.  Math grades will focus on individual math IEP goals and objectives.

As a reminder, please watch your student for possible signs of flu and other illness.  One person had the flu a couple weeks ago.  A second person came down sick over the weekend, though I do not know if it is the flu.  If possible, please wash coats and backpacks and wipe down lunch boxes every week.  This will help minimize continued exposure to possible germs and illness.  I make sure to sanitize our room daily, and through the day when needed.  Students are being reminded to cover their face and wash/sanitize their hands when they cough, sneeze, or blow their nose.  We are making every effort to keep your student safe and healthy!  As a reminder, district policy states that a student must be free of fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for 24 hours without medication to stop the symptoms before they can return to school.  If any of those symptoms are present, it is still possible to be contagious and spread the illness.  If you  have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I’m happy to talk with you any time.

Cobb County  School District has requested that we include a link they have provided about the flu.  You can find the link here. http://www.cobbk12.org/centraloffice/studentsupport/schoolhealth/flu.aspx

Have a great week!!

January 22 – 26

Welcome Back!!

I hope you had a great unexpected break with your students.  It is my hope that everyone stayed healthy and had fun.

This week, we will begin covering Winter X Games on our educational curriculum.  Students will read about sports that are a part of the Winter X Games and complete Math, Science, and Geography activities that go with the story.  We will have a Science lab where students will get to make “snow” and identify chemical and physical changes in the process.  Students will receive grades on the Winter X Games story on Friday.  Students will practice reading and answering questions all week before the test.  We have been working on graphing activities for several weeks.  Students will also receive summative grades for the graphing assignment at the end of the week.

We will be going on a CBI one day in the next few weeks.  I’ll have more details on that as the time draws closer.

January 8 – 12

This week we will continue learning about the Fitness Challenge.  Students will continue reading about the Fitness Challenge and answering questions in Reading and ELA.  In Science, students will continue to learn about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  In Math, we will complete graphing activities and analysis on healthy foods.  In Social Studies, we will learn where healthy foods are grown in the United States and Georgia.  Please send healthy snacks (and lunches if lunch isn’t purchased at school) for your child every day to reinforce making good choices on foods.  Grades will be given at the end of the week on comprehension questions in Reading, graphing activities, map skills, and healthy habits.

Additionally, we will continue working on GAA’s.  We are almost done with GAA’s, but I have to review some more before giving the remaining assessments.

As a reminder, there will be no school next Monday, January 15.  We’ll see you Tuesday, January 16.

January 4 – 5

Welcome back!!! I hope you had a great and relaxing break.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the smiling faces tomorrow morning.  Given that this is a short week, we will ease back into the regular routine.  We will learn about the Fitness Challenge in Reading and ELA.  In Science, we will learn about being fit and making healthy choices.  In Math, we will continue working on GAA’s and review content already learned to see how much students retained.  Next week, we will continue with giving GAA’s assessments as well as continue studying healthy living.  No grades will be given this week.

Remember that there will be no school on Monday, January 15 in honor of Martin  Luther King, Jr. Day.  IEP progress reports will go home Friday.

December 18 – 20

We made it!! Can you believe  the year is half way over as of this Wednesday?!  I’m very proud of all my students and all they have accomplished these 18 weeks!!  There has been a lot of growth in many areas, not just academics.  Students are making great progress on their IEP goals, they have learned about a singer who is their age, a new space satellite, Denali National Park, The World Series, grown in ability in all subjects, made new friends, and learned more independence.

This week will be focused on a few more GAA’s and having fun.  Today will be a GAA day.  We have some fun activities for tomorrow, and our Christmas party on Wednesday.  Please remember that tomorrow and Wednesday students will be released at 1:30.  I will not be entering any more grades this week.  Students have worked hard all semester.  The last few days will mostly be fun activities.

Have a great break and we’ll see you back next year!!!!

December 11 – 15

Welcome back!!  I hope you all enjoyed your long snow weekend with your children.  In case you didn’t hear, we had our own “snowball” fight in the classroom Friday morning.  I keep a 300 count bag of cotton balls just for snow days so students can have their own indoor “snowball” fight.  It was amazing!!  Students who don’t usually interact were looking at each other and adults, throwing “snowballs,” and laughing.  Several 8th grade teachers heard about our fun and came to join us at the beginning of their planning.  It was truly wonderful to see our students engaged in such a fun and exciting social skills game.  We will do it again if we have more snow on another day.  I might just pull them out again just to have more fun another time or two this winter.

This week, we will continue our “Polar Express” unit.  We will be completing a second graphing activity about favorite hot chocolate toppings.  I will send texts and write in agendas today or tomorrow to request specific items from parents to help students complete the hot chocolate activity.  There are also other needs listed below.  Students will receive grades on comprehension questions on “The Polar Express” reading Friday.  Students are already mastering the questions.  I’m very proud of them.  We will also have grades in Social Studies for locating GA and the North Pole on different modified maps, writing topics on “The Polar Express” and our snow weekend, and on chemical and physical changes in Science.  We will also complete a couple more GAA’s.  This week, we will also participate in several science experiments on chemical and physical changes.  We will need supplies for the activities, as well as the team Christmas Party (Santa is coming!!!) and the Coffee Café which all proceeds help fund some of our more expensive activities and trips.

Our classes need help with items for our Christmas Party, Science Lab, and Coffee Café.  If you are able, please use the link below to see our needs and sign up to bring the items you choose.  There are specific dates included with each item.  Please send the items in at the designated times.  Please open the link.  You will need to create an account to sign-up. 



December 4 – 8

Happy Monday!!

Students are doing really well with completing GAA’s.  As a reward, we’re going to focus more on our fun “Polar Express” unit the last couple weeks before break.  We started Friday by making paintings using “snow” as the paint.  It was a simple mixture of shaving cream and white glue.  The combination makes a puffy paint that stays puffed when dried.  The students who chose to participate will bring their paintings home today.

This week, we will continue reading “The Polar Express” as well as answering questions and identifying main characters and events.  We will complete one graphing activity on favorite hot chocolate toppings this week.  It will be a week long process to collect, organize, analyze, and interpret data.  Students will get to make hot chocolate using their favorite toppings on Fun Friday.  If you would like to contribute to the activity, please send in hot chocolate toppings.  I will send home individual lists today.  In science, we are talking about life in the North Pole, including animals and weather.  In social studies, we are locating the North Pole in relation to the world and Georgia.

Tests this week will continue on the reading and math activities.  The unit test will be next Friday and will include all materials taught in all subject areas.  Students will be ready as we will go over all the questions every day, and have repeated exposure to the content.  Next week, students will also complete an exciting edible activity to make hot chocolate ice cream.  It’s quite delicious!!

Only 11 full days and 2 half days until break!!!!

November 27 – December 2

Welcome back!!!  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  We have 18 more days (including two early release days) until we have another break!

The next 18 days, my goal is to finish collecting GAA’s.  With that in mind, we will continue working on chemical and physical reactions in Science, locating Georgia in Social Studies, using context clues within sentences to determine meaning of unknown words and sequencing events in ELA/Reading, Ratios and dot plots (6th grade), inverse numbers and making inferences on graphs (7th grade), and scatter plots and rational numbers (8th grade).  We will also begin our Polar Express unit which we will study for the remaining of the semester.  I have several fun activities planned for the students.  I will be requesting donations of specific items for a hot chocolate ice cream and hot chocolate drink activities for the last three days before break.  I will have the information once students complete a math activity on favorite hot chocolate toppings.  Over the next three Friday’s, we will also be working with the other two classes on our team to complete winter crafts.

I’m happy to announce that beginning this week, our KICKS program will begin.  This program allows general education students to join our class for a couple hours each week to interact with our students for assignments, crafts, and activities.  KICKS students have to complete an application process, have permission from parents, and have recommendations from their teachers to be considered for participation.  Students who meet these requirements then are chosen based on their application and teacher recommendations.  We are very excited to have them join us!!

Testing this week will include testing on part one of The Polar Express as well as continued  testing on GAA’s.