November 13- 17

Happy week before Thanksgiving Break!!!

Students are doing a great job of continuing to retain and master GAA content!!  I’m very proud of them and their efforts!!  This week, we will continue working on a few extra challenging skills (ratios, chemical and physical change, data inferences, and context clues) and begin testing for the second collection on Thursday.  I will be sending home practice sheets to help students retain the needed information.  Please review the material several times a week with your student.  It will help increase their retention and scores on the tests.  We will be done with GAA’s before Christmas Break.

As a reminder, when we come back from Thanksgiving Break on November 26, students will have just three and a half weeks before Christmas Break.  Tuesday, December 19 – Wednesday, December 20, students will have early release.  During the weeks between the breaks, we will be conducting our many science experiments.  If you haven’t sent in any of the requested items but would like to contribute, please send them in this week so I can plan accordingly and purchase the remaining items over the break.  I want to say thank you to the parents who sent in the cake mix and icing.  All remaining requested items can be found in the previous blog.

Last week, I sent home two permission slips.  Please return those by Wednesday, November 15 so your students can participate in the Adaptive PE bowling and Stevie B’s field trip.  They will not be able to attend without a permission slip.

Grades this week will be on the reading lesson on blue jeans, individual math objectives, and GAA content.  Progress reports will be going home soon.

Have a great week!!!

November 6 – 10

Good Morning, and welcome to a shortened week!!!

Students will not have school on Tuesday this week.  Next Wednesday, November 15, we will be going on a field trip for Adaptive PE.  We will go bowling at Stars and Strikes, and eat lunch at Stevie B’s.  The cost will be $10 per student.  The cost will cover the bus, one game of bowling, and lunch and games at Stevie B’s.  Permission slips will go home by Wednesday this week.  Be looking for them.  Please send $10 cash (any combination of bills is fine) so students can practice paying for items on the field trip.

This week, we will continue focusing on GAA standards.  As a reminder, here are the standards students are working on by grade level.  All students are studying Science and Social Studies even if not being tested on the content for GAA.


6th grade:  Ratios and dot plots

7th grade:  Inverse numbers and inferences on data

8th grade:  Scatter plots and rational numbers


All grades:  Sequencing events and context clues


8th grade:  Identifying chemical and physical change

Social Studies

8th grade:  Locating Georgia in the hemisphere(s), continent, country, and region

This week, we will continue to focus on chemical and physical changes in Science, rational numbers, inferences, and dot plots in Math.

We’re still taking donations to help with life skills and science.  Please consider sending in any of the following items…baking soda, vinegar, cake mix (any flavor), vegetable oil, white icing, food coloring (any color/colors), soda (any brand/flavor), potatoes, carrots, celery, salt, sugar, washable paint, old towels, washcloths, sheets, clothes (zippers, large buttons, clasps, Velcro, snaps, or none of the above, new socks (any color or design), and jackets/hoodies.

Students will be tested on their reading story for the week, Denali National Park.  I will start giving more GAA tests this week as students master standards.

Two more weeks until Thanksgiving Break!!!!

October 29 – November 3

Happy Halloween week!!

GAA’s are coming together nicely.  We are still working on increasing scores in some contents, but students are progressing well and retain more information every day.  I’m very proud of them and the hard work they are doing.  In math, we will continue to focus on dot plots, scatter plots, inverse numbers, ratios, making inferences on data, and rational numbers.  Students are doing an outstanding job in sequencing events from a story, or on instructional materials in ELA.  Also in ELA, students are still working on mastering using context clues to determine the meaning of a word.  Eighth graders are doing exceptionally well with locating Georgia in the region, nation, continent, and hemisphere.  In science, eighth grade will focus more intently on identifying chemical and physical changes this week.

Currently, students are receiving grades in reading for our current story on the World Series, as well as morning work and work completed in centers.  In the next couple weeks, we will have a guest speaker to follow up on last week’s reading lesson about dog sport championship.  In the reading, students learned that the dogs are highly trained to follow commands to compete.  We will have a Seeing Eye dog and her owner come to our class to help students better understand how life is different for the vision impaired.  He will demonstrate and explain how his service dog is highly trained to follow commands that help him navigate his environment and keep him safe.  There will be alternate activities about highly trained dogs for students with dog allergies, or students are afraid of dogs.

Please feel free to send in donations of clothing to help students master the life skills unit we started this  month.  We are still collection donations for the items to help students gain an understanding of chemical and physical changes listed in last week’s post.

Three more weeks until  Thanksgiving Break!!!

October 23 – 27

Thank you for meeting with me last week.  It was a very productive week which will allow us to continue to help your student grow academically, socially, and personally.

This week, we will return to GAA’s.  Students are progressing well with comprehending and retaining the content.  We should be done with GAA’s before the break for Thanksgiving.  This week, we will continue to focus on grade level math standards, locating GA on various modified maps, and reading/writing standards.  We will be doing some science experiments over the next several weeks.  Please donate one or two of the following items:  baking soda and vinegar; cake mix (any flavor)and vegetable oil; icing (white) and food coloring (any color/colors); soda (any brand/flavor) and potatoes; carrots, celery, and salt; and sugar and washable paint (any color/colors).

This week, we will also begin to focus more on life skills.  Students will begin to have daily jobs completing tasks to learn how to clean their environment, fold laundry, and organize their environment.  If you have any old towels (any size), sheets, or clothes that you would like to donate, please send them in.

Students will receive grades for the reading story comprehension/writing, math centers

Four more weeks until Thanksgiving break!!!

October 16 – 20

Happy conference week!!  As a reminder, students will be released at 1:30 every day this week.  I will be calling this morning to confirm scheduled conferences, and to clarify conferences are not being requested.  Thank you to those who learned of my grandpa’s passing and allowed me the time I needed with my family before finalizing conferences today.

Given that this is a short week, we will focus mainly on Reading, ELA, and Math GAA’s.  Students will still be covering the same content to ensure mastery prior to final testing in the next couple weeks.  Students are coming along nicely in learning the GAA standards.

Week of October 6

Happy Monday!!

This week we will continue working on GAA’s.   Students did a great job in retaining information last week.  Some students were able to work on completing portions of the second collection of GAA’s.  All students will continue focusing on context clues and sequencing.  In math, all students will continue working on their grade level standards that they began with the GAA unit.  Eighth grade will continue working on chemical and physical changes in science, and locating Georgia in Social Studies.


Thursday is early release.  All next week is early release due to conference week.  Dismissal is at 1:30 all five days.  I sent home a conference request log with the students on Friday.  Please complete it and return  it by tomorrow morning.


Have a great week!!

October 2 – 6

Welcome back!!  This week we will begin to focus on teaching standards for GAA’s.  All grade levels will be working on sequencing tasks in the correct order, and using context clues within passages to determine the meaning of key words.  In math, sixth grade will be focusing on ratios and dot plots, seventh grade is focusing on additive inverse and making inferences on data, and eighth grade is focusing on rational/irrational numbers and scatter plots.  Eighth grade is working on physical and chemical changes in science, and locating Georgia in the region, country, continent, and hemisphere in Social Studies.  Feel free to use resources you may find to help your student with any of these topics.  I can send home practice sheets for each assessment for you to reuse multiple times at home to help your student master the content if you would like.


Next Thursday, October 12, and the whole week of October 16 will be early release days for students.  The week of October 16 is Conference Week.  Please let me know what day and time you would like to come meet with me.  All dates and times are first come first served.  We have seven more weeks before a week off for Thanksgiving.

September 18 – 22

Happy last week before Fall Break!!

This week we will conclude our unit on “Charlotte’s Web.”  In ELA/Reading students will be taking a character and vocabulary test on Friday.  Comprehension questions continue in conjunction with the story.  In Math, we are focusing on addition with regrouping as well as basic algebra.  In Science and Social Studies, we are continuing our study on agriculture in the United States and Georgia.  We will be starting a classroom store where students can exchanged tickets they earn for goodies (juice, snacks, prizes).  If you would like to send in any single serving edible donations, please feel free.  Gummies, chips, sandwich crackers, and juice boxes are all great.  Enjoy your week off next week!!!!

September 11 -15

Students have been enjoying the classic children’s story of “Charlotte’s Web.”  This week, we will continue our lesson on the book and pre-algebra.  In Social Studies, we are learning where farming areas are in the United States and GA.  We will also cover major crops of Europe.  In Science, we are studying the life cycle of spiders and how they catch and consume their food.  Due to Hurricane Irma and the cancellation of all school activities Monday and Tuesday, I will extend our lessons into next week to ensure student comprehension remains high. Enjoy the four day weekend and stay safe!!!!

September 5 – 8

I hope everyone had a great long weekend.  Students are really demonstrating an understanding of our classroom routine and schedule.  I’m very proud of many students who know exactly what to do at specific times without being given instructions.  Overall, students have learned to adapt very well to the culture of our classroom and the expectations set before them.

We will be very busy this week due to some testing and new academic units.  This week we will begin a unit on “Charlotte’s Web” as well as continuing our unit on algebra.  In Science, we will focus on farm animals, habitats, and life cycles.  In Social Studies, we will identify where farming regions are in the United States and Georgia.  Additionally, we will begin GAA’s.