October 1 – 4

Welcome Back!!

I hope everyone had a great break!  Now, it’s time to finish the quarter strong.  The last day of the first quarter is October 10.  Can you believe we are one fourth of our way through the year already?? We ended the week before break with some fun activities.  Students got to build structures using just mini marshmallows and toothpicks.  To give them ideas, we watched a video of different marshmallow structures, including the Eiffel Tower.  We even took a “field trip” and “flew” to Paris to see the real Eiffel Tower through Google Earth!!  Students built tiny houses, huge houses, cubes, and even a train.  They had a great time!!

This week, we will resume our study of the Solar System in Science.  Our News2You story goes perfectly with our study of the Sun.  It is about the Parker Solar Probe that launched last month.  We will continue our normal routine with writing about the current N2Y story in ELA and finish with a Reading quiz on Friday.

In Science, we have concluded our lessons on objects in our solar system.  This week, we will begin to learn about the Sun.  I had intended to begin our unit on the Sun earlier, but students needed a little more time to master the solar system overview unit.  Students will get to experience and observe various impacts of solar energy through activities and labs during the next couple weeks.  Please watch for materials that can be donated for the labs.

October 15 – 19 is conference week.  Students will be released at 1:30 each day.  Please look for the calendar being sent home early this week and sign up for a conference time.  I will update the conference schedules sent home daily.  During the conference, we will discuss your student’s current academic performance, behavior, social skills, and life skills.  I may discuss updating IEP Goals and Objectives if your student has mastered or nearly mastered objectives, but we will not be able to have formal IEP meetings during your conference time.

Dates to Remember

October 10:  Last day of the 1st quarter

October 15 – 19:  Conference Week and Early Release.

Have a great week!!!

September 17 – 21

Happy Monday!!

This week in Reading and ELA, students will be reading about recycling blue jeans.  Students will learn the importance of recycling unwanted items, and how they can continue to help people without hurting the environment.  Students will have their weekly reading test Friday morning.

In Math, we are reviewing greater than, less than, and equal to.  I observed that students were struggling with the concept while reviewing number lines.  It is vital that they revisit the skill and master it before moving on to fractions and decimals.  We will have a quiz on Friday on number lines, greater than, less than, and equal to.

In Social Studies, we will continue to study continents and oceans.  Most students have already passed the continents quiz with flying colors.  I am giving extra time to master both skills prior to their quiz on Friday.  Students were given study guides to review at home.  Please continue to review with them to help retain the information.

In two weeks, we will return to our study of the solar system.

You will be getting information about field trips in the next couple weeks.  Please be watching for permission slips to come home.  Per district policy, students will not be permitted to attend field trips without signed consent forms.

Important Dates

September 24 – 28 – Fall Break!!  Have a great week off!!

October 11 – Early Release Day.  Students will be released at 1:30.

October 15 – 19 – Conference week/Early Release Week.  Students will be released at 1:30 all week.  As the week approaches, I will send home a sign up sheet for you to choose a time to come in for your student’s conference.

Have a great week!!

September 10 – 14

Happy Monday!!

This week in Reading and ELA, we will be reading about Weather-Ready Nation.  Students will read about types of dangerous weather, how they are identified and predicted, resources available in the event of dangerous weather, and how to stay safe.  Students will write sentences on the article based upon individual ability.  Our weekly quiz will be on Friday morning.

In Math, students will review number lines in preparation for learning fractions.  Students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of number lines, where positive and negative numbers are on a number line in relation to zero, and practice plotting on a number line.  There will be a simple quiz on these skills at the end of the week.  Students are doing an OUTSTANDING job of earning money through the day and buying their snacks.  I’m very proud of them all!!

We are taking a break from our exploration of space this week.  Students will learn about our seven continents, locate the continents, identify which continent we live on, and where Georgia can be found on North America.  There will be a quiz on Friday.

As many of you know, I was very excited to be married at the start of summer.  I am in the final stages of having my name officially changed with the district.  Please be aware that in the next 2 – 4 weeks, you may start seeing Silverthorn replaced with Gray.  For 15 years in education, students have called me Ms. S.  I’ve come to like the uniqueness of going by an initial.  I would like to continue the tradition and go by Mrs. G.  Students seem to like it, and the personality it gives my name.

Notes – Students are buying the large bag of assorted chip faster than any other snack.  If you would like to donate a bag of individually packaged assorted chips, we can replenish the supply.

Important dates

Tuesday, September 11 – Open House at 6:00.  Since I teach all three grade levels, I am only required to choose one day for Open House.  Seventh grade is my largest grade level.  I chose that day for that reason.  If you are unable to make Open House on Tuesday but would like to speak with me, I’ll be happy to arrange a meeting after 2:45 any day I’m not in school meeting.

September 24 – 28 – Fall Break!!  Have a great week off!!

September 4 – 7

Happy Tuesday!!!

This week, our News2You story is on food truck festivals.  Students are reading about what a food truck is and the different kinds of food trucks that people can find.  We will watch videos on what it is like to work inside a food truck.  Students will be writing about food trucks based upon individual ability.

Friday, we had our very first Fun Friday Special Snack Shack.  Every student ordered their choices, added up the cost, and counted out their total from the money they earned all week.  I was so proud of the success of the students that I nearly shed a couple happy tears! I’m excited about this new addition to their daily Math curriculum!!  I will continue to be the banker and cashier this week as students adjust to the new routine.  Next week, students will begin taking turns in the roles of banker and cashier.

In Math this week, we will continue working on bar graphs.  Students did very well last week in graphing and analyzing data that was provided for them.  This week, they will begin to collect the data that they will graph and analyze.

In Science, we will continue our broad study of the solar system.  I want to be sure they have a firm grasp of the solar system overall before moving on to more detailed studies.  Students are still learning about the Sun through the week.

Important Dates

Wednesday, September 5 – I will be out of school for the day.

Wednesday, September 5 – Picture day!!  Smile!!  Please send in your payments Wednesday morning if you would like to purchase pictures.  Payment forms went home last week.  Retakes will be available in about a month.

September 24 – 28 – Fall Break!!

Have a great week!!

August 27 – 31

Happy Monday!!!

First, I would like parents to be aware that we have several students in the class with colds.  Please know that we are doing all we can to keep hands and surfaces washed and sanitized throughout the day.  I have also reached out to our head custodian for him to come and use the whole room sanitizer machine to sanitize the room each day.

This week our Reading/ELA News2You article is about a Four-Day School Week across the nation.  Students are reading how some school districts are going to school just four days a week.  Writing activities will be based on our current story for the first couple days.

In Science, we are finishing up learning about comets, asteroids, meteors/meteorites, and what makes and defines a universe, galaxy, and solar system.  Students took the vocabulary test last week and will be given new vocabulary terms this week.  We will have our next Science vocabulary test at the end of the week next week.  We will learn about the Sun later in the week.

Our money unit in Math is complete!!!  For the reminder of the year, students  will use “money” in class every day.  I sent home a letter explaining the program and how students can earn and spend their money.  Students have already started getting “paid” today.  Please don’t forget to send in your snack, drink, and candy donations by Thursday.  I will rotate sending request for snack supplies when we start to run low on specific items.  Again, the snacks that students will buy each day will replace the snacks that you have been sending daily all year.

In Math this week, we will begin a study of graphs.  This unit will be presented in various ways through the year.  The next two weeks, we will focus on bar graphs up to five categories.

Important Reminders:

Wednesday, August 29 is early release day.  Students will leave school at 1:30.

Monday, September 3 is Labor Day.  School is closed.  Have fun with your family!!

August 20 – 24

Happy Monday!!

This week, the News2You article is on clothes.  Students will read how clothes have been modified for people with physical disabilities.  Modifications to the clothing makes getting dressed independently easier.  Students will practice comprehensions questions, identify key words from the story, and take a quiz on the article at the end of the week.  Students will have the opportunity to practice the quiz questions each day.

In Math, we are continuing our unit on money.  Students are progressing well in their individual study of money.  Students are learning to recognize coins by name, appearance, and value, counting combinations of like coins, counting combinations of mixed coins, or counting combinations of coins and bills based upon their individual skill level.

In Science, we will continue our study of the Solar System.  This week, we will focus on meteors, meteorites, comets, and asteroids.  Some students needed more time with the current vocabulary, so we will not take the vocabulary quiz until later this week.  We will have a new set of vocabulary words later this week or next.  Timing will be based upon student success.

Last week in Social Studies, we explore Ancient Egypt during the News2You article on King Tut.  Students got to go on a “field trip” through Google Earth to explore the pyramids and the tomb of King Tut.  This week, we will take a break from Social Studies.

Upcoming Dates

September 5 – Picture Day

September 10, 11, 13 – Open House (I will post the date for our Open House at a later date.)

September 24 – 28 – Fall Break

August 13 – 17

Happy Monday!!

We have officially made it through the first full week of school!!  Students have been doing a great job adjusting to being back to class.  I’m very proud of the success we’ve had this year.

Throughout the year, our theme will be based on Space.  Some students have already been going home and sharing their excitement about what they have been learning  in class.  Last week, I sent home some vocabulary terms that will help students gain a foundation of what we will be discussing all year.  They will have a vocabulary test next week.  We are starting with Space as a concept, moving to the Universe, and then on to Galaxy.  After that, we will begin studying our Solar System and things in it.  I have access to a great app on the iPad where the students can see what is in space around the Earth in real time.  They can see all the planets, stars, asteroids, constellations, the International Space Station, and the Hubble Telescope.  If you’d like to explore this program with your student, it is called Sky View.  I got the free version for class, but you can buy a $2 version that also includes “space junk” and has other features.   When we get to Earth, we will study Earth’s biomes, habitats, many weather-related topics, layers of the Earth, plate tectonics, and more.  We will study global history as we study each biome and region.  Students will get to learn about major contributors to space exploration, lunar landings, and more.

In Math, we are reviewing the money unit that we ended the year with last year.  All students are getting to move at their own pace with money.  Many students are excelling my expectations this early in the year.  I’m very proud of all of them.  We will stay on money through August, and possibly into September.  As a continued money unit, students will begin earning fake money for staying on task, completing work/jobs, and good behavior.  They will have the opportunity to spend their money in our store.  Students can buy time on technology and buy drinks and snacks.  When I begin this part of the curriculum, I will ask for donations for our store.

In Reading and ELA, we will once again use the News2You program.  Students will read about current student-friendly news and complete writing assignments associated with weekly articles.

This year, we will be having a Life Skills unit on Monday’s and Wednesday’s.  Students will learn things from how to correctly wash your hands and how to properly greet people, to job skills such as folding clothes, washing dishes, and sorting and rolling silverware.  These skills will help build the foundation for life after high school.

Last year, I provided students with access to a fun educational program called Starfall.com on ONE personal device.  I have to buy the program again soon.  I will provide you with the login information when I renew the subscription.  The school/district does not provide this program for me, so please allow your student to use it at home for educational leisure time.  It is a great resource for students.  Even if they have mastered content, it is a great way to keep the learned skills at mastery.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Ms. S