May 21 – 23

Happy Last Three Days of School!!!!!

Can you believe we are at the end of the year?!?!  I couldn’t be more proud of all our students and the growth they have achieved this year!  They have grown personally, socially, and academically.  They are all learning the count money to a dollar or more.  Please continue to practice this skill over the summer.  I will send home their money worksheets and Touch Math help box they have been using.

This week, we will continue reading our weekly News2You article.  This week, the article is on new rollercoasters around the country.  We will be going on virtual rides on many of the coasters.  In Math, we will try to finish our money worksheets.  In Social Studies, we will complete our unit of Georgia regions.

If you haven’t sent in the items you selected to send for our team end of the year party, please send them in by tomorrow.  Teachers will need to purchase what does not come in.

Don’t forget 6th grade awards today at 12:45, and 7th grade awards today at 2:30.

Everyone’s big question is if I will be back next year.  As of now, they answer is yes.  I plan on working some over the summer to have an even better experience for students next year.  I hope to create new independent activities, and add more helpful visuals to the classroom.

Finally, I have some exciting news.  On June 9th, I will be getting married!!!  You may see Wendy Silverthorn or Wendy Gray on your students schedule for next year.  I wanted to be sure to share the news with you so you weren’t concerned if Silverthorn wasn’t on their schedules.

Have a wonderful and exciting Summer Break!!!  I look forward to seeing you all next year!!!!

May 14 – 18

Welcome to the last full week of the 2017 – 2018 school year!!!

This week, we will read about the royal wedding in our News2You story.  Students will take a test on the story at the end of the week.  In ELA, students will use pictures in relation to the story to write sentences and paragraphs about the current article.  In Math, we will continue our money unit.  Students will take a summative test on the unit next week.  In Social Studies, students will continue the unit study of the five geographic regions of Georgia which includes location, physical features, tourism and industry, local vegetation, and animals.  We will take a summative unit test next week.  We are done studying Science for the year.

Thank you for signing up to provide resources for our team end of the year party.  Please remember to bring items in by next Monday.

This week, we will be having Olympics at Hillgrove High School.  We will be going on Thursday with 6th grade to have fun with the same students we have connections classes with.  Since the school schedule has been changed most of the week due to Olympics, Hawk Time, and other school-wide events, we will be staying in the room for connections for most of the week to better serve the needs of our students.  We will have fun activities planned during our connections times.  Except for our Olympics day, we will maintain our usual schedule.

As a reminder, next Tuesday, May 22 and Wednesday, May 23 are early release days.  Please be sure to make arrangements for your student to be home early.

May 7 – 11

Happy Monday!!

We are getting close to the finish line!!  Only 11 more regular days, and two early release days of school left!  To say time has flown by would be an understatement!!

With the little time we have left, we will continue working on money skills in Math.  Students are finishing quarters Monday.  Tuesday, we will work on counting combinations of coins in every activity.  Quarters has been a more challenging skill for students.  Using Touch Math, they are learning to touch coins in specific places to help them count values.  I will be sending  home help sheets for students to continue using the skills over the summer.

In Reading and ELA, our News2You article is on baby zoo animals.  We will be incorporating a little Science as we compare and contrast baby animals to their parents.  In Social Studies, we will be spending the remaining days of the year studying Georgia’s five regions.  Students will learn to locate each region and identify vegetation and animals that can be found within them.

Please check your email for opportunities to sign up for end of the year party supplies.  Many items have already been donated, but we still have some needs to make this a great experience for the students on our team.

13 days!!!!

April 30 – May 4

Happy Monday!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend with the wonderful weather the enjoy!!  This week, our News2You story will be on Zero Waste.  Students will learn about Earth-friendly ways of disposing of unwanted items.  In ELA, they will practice writing sentences about recycling and reducing waste.  In Math, we are continuing our unit on money.  While students have mastered the Touch Math method of counting the value of individual coins, some are struggling with counting combinations of coins now that we are into pennies, nickels, and dimes.  I have slowed down the pace to give them better mastery before moving onto quarters.  I hope to be able to move onto quarters this week.  I’m still very impressed at the skill level that they are demonstrating!!  Congratulations to the students!!!  In Science, we will study the Great Pacific Garbage Patch as well as when to recycle, compost, give away, or throw away various items.

This Thursday, May 3, we will be going on our last (currently) scheduled field trip of the year.  We will be going to Station 13 to see the fire and police departments.  We have the opportunity to go on one more field trip next week, but we are working to see if it will be possible this late in the year.

Can you believe we have just 18 days of school left?!?!  How did time go so quickly?!?!

April 23 – 27

Happy Monday!!

I hope you all had a great day Saturday and stayed dry yesterday.  I’m hoping the weather will cooperate while we are on our CBI to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park tomorrow.  The field trip will give students the opportunity to see first hand what National Park Service rangers do, and summarize our week long study on Junior Rangers.  Students will learn about Kennesaw Mountain and its history, explore a box of sensory items about Kennesaw Mountain, and walk a trail (weather permitting).  We will stop for lunch on the way back to school.  Students who wish to bring their own lunch may do so.

This week, our Reading and ELA lessons will be based on the new Disney Nature film, “Dolphins”.  We will explore ocean biomes, mammals, and dolphins in Science.  In Math, we will continue our unit on Money.  It is my hope that students will be strong enough in money skills that they can start using classroom money to “purchase” desired activities for scheduled breaks and preferred snacks in the next two weeks.  Tests and quizzes this week will be on Reading comprehension for the News2Your articles, money skills, and big ideas on ocean biomes, mammals, and dolphins.

Please send in individual snacks (chips, crackers, gummies, drinks, cookies, ect) for our money unit Snack Shack.

Only four more Monday’s and 23 school days left!!  Time has flown!!!

April 16 – 20

Happy Monday!!

Last week, students were introduced to a unit on Spring during Reading, ELA, and Science.  This week, we will continue the unit during Science, and expand on it in Reading and ELA through a study of Junior Rangers in our weekly News2You article.  Students will read about national parks and how students can become a Junior Ranger.  In Science, we will continue exploring various characteristics of Spring through changes in plants, weather, and recreational activities.  Students will participate in Spring craft activities this week.  In Math, we will continue our money unit.  Students needed a little more time than I anticipated in learning to count a combination of pennies, nickels, and dimes last week.  We will continue to practice counting combinations of coins up to dimes.  Quarters will be added Wednesday or Thursday.  So far, the money unit is going extremely well!!  I’m very proud of the mastery the students are demonstrating.

As of now, I anticipate being out of state on Friday this week.  I will be available by phone if you need me for anything.

Can you believe it?!…Only 5 1/2 weeks of school left!!!

April 9 – 13

Welcome Back!!!

We are in the home stretch for the end of the year!!  Can you believe it’s nearly a whole year??

This week, we will be studying Spring.  The News2You article in Reading, ELA, and science lessons will all focus on Spring.  Students will sequence the growth of a plant, identify attributes of Spring differences between Spring and other seasons.  Students will learn what causes Spring in Science.  In Math, we are starting a comprehensive unit on money skills.  I anticipate this unit taking the remainder of the year, or close to it.  I want students to have a strong understanding of various money concepts going into the summer months.  It is my hope that students will be able to use these skills over the summer and years to come.  Tests this week will include comprehension questions in Reading, ELA, and Science.  We will take a quiz on how to count coins using Touch Math, and values/names of coins.

Have a great week!!!

March 26 – 30

Happy Monday before Spring Break!!

We have an exciting week ahead of us!!  Tuesday is Adaptive PE Field Day at Kennesaw Mountain High School.  Friday, we will be participating in a social skills breakfast activity with the other two classes on our team.  Students will have the opportunity to make, and eat, pancakes and sausage.

Academically, we are starting a unit on Ancient Egypt for the week.  In Reading and ELA, students will read about King Tut in our News2You article.  Students will complete writing activities on the article during ELA.  In Math, we will start a unit on money.  Students will be introduced to using Touch Math to add coin and paper money.  In Social Studies, students will take a daily virtual field trip to Egypt to explore the pyramids, the Nile River, and ancient and modern cities.  Students will design a death mask and decipher hieroglyphics.

This will be a great week for students to engage in different activities in all academic subjects for the week.

Have a great Spring Break!!!

March 19 – 23

Happy Monday!!

I hope you had a great weekend and was able to enjoy the great weather on Sunday.  This week, the theme is car vending machines.  Our News2You article will teach students about this new car buying experience.  Students will answer comprehension questions each day, and take a comprehension quiz on the article on Friday.  In ELA, students will complete writing activities based on the article.  In Math, students will continue the pictograph unit with favorite car colors.  Students will complete the unit next week with a summative test.  In science, we will continue the study of the digestive system.  Students are doing an outstanding job of learning the five major digestive organs, sequence, and functions.  A unit summative test will be given at the end of this week.  Students should be bringing home worksheets to study for the test.  We will not focus on Social Studies this week, but will begin a small unit study on Monday.

As a reminder, Spring Break is quickly approaching.  There will be no school April 2 – 6.

Have a great week!!!

March 12 – 16

Happy Monday!!

This week our lessons will be centered around St. Patrick’s Day.  In Math, we will complete different activities with Lucky Charms marshmallows which will include graphing, analyzing data, comparing data, and basic Math skills.  In Reading/ELA, students will read a book about a leprechaun and a dog and what it means to be kind and make friends.  In Science, we will continue our study of the digestive system.  Students will complete diagram activities and take a quiz on the parts of the digestive system.  Students completed a diagram they should be studying with.  In Social Studies, we will explore Ireland from the air and road through the use of Google Earth.  We will explore Irish culture.  The week will end with a cultural lesson that involves food and activities.  If you would like to send in any fun St. Patrick’s day items for Friday, please let me know.

As a reminder, this Wednesday, March 14, is early release day.  Spring break is April 2 – 6.

Have a great week!!