Week 25

This week the class started our Fire Safety Unit with the Cobb County Fire Department.  We had firefighters visit with the classes and teach lessons about personal safety.  The kids did a great job listening to the firefighters and completing the class work they were assigned.  Thank you Firefighter Wilkins!

Week 24

It’s hard to believe that it’s already February.   The school year is going by so fast.  Our class worked very hard this week.  We studied comparing and ordering fractions in Math, government in Social Studies, context clues and vocabulary in Language Arts, and wrote informational papers about cloud types for Science.  Remember to keep your child reading for 30 minutes every night as we finish out the remainder of the year.

Week 23

We had a wonderful week here at Bells Ferry.  The students worked on fractions in Math, the War of 1812 in Social Studies, outdoor safety in Health, and wrote autobiographies in Language Arts.  Enjoy watching the Super Bowl this weekend.  Go Rams!


Week 22

We had a lot of fun this week in 4th grade.  We wrote biographies in Language Arts, worked with fractions in Math, and studied the water cycle in Science.  I posted some pictures of the kids below making posters of equivalent fraction models.


Week 21

This week our class studied homophones in Language Arts, the water cycle in Science, the War of 1812 in Social Studies, and fractions in Math.  The school also hosted a STEM night on Thursday.  Remember there is no school on Monday as we will be observing the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

Here are some pictures of the kids working with fraction tiles to find equivalent fractions.

Week 20

We had a great week here at Bells Ferry.  In Science we started a new unit on the water cycle.  The kids did a great job in Language Arts writing about moving to a new town that doesn’t allow technology like cell phones, video games, or television.  I enjoyed hearing their ideas of how to entertain themselves without technology.  In Math we continued with division and started working with fractions.  I posted some pictures of the kids making a number line with fractions.  They used string and index cards to plot points on the number line.

Week 19

Everyone is ready for the winter break that starts Friday afternoon.  Enjoy your time off and have a joyous holiday.  Here are a couple of pictures from our holiday party on Thursday.  The kids were so well behaved despite gorging on piles of junk food.  They really are a great group.

Week 18

This week our class continued working on division in Math, parts of speech in Language Arts, setting fitness goals in Health, westward expansion in Social Studies, and animal migration in Science.  Here are a couple of photos of the kids working on their animal migration illustrations.


Week 17

The class had another great week here at Bells Ferry.  The students worked on division in Math, the Bill of Rights in Social Studies, pronouns in English, and animal adaptations in Science.  One adaptation we enjoyed the most was camouflage.  The kids camouflaged their own paper rabbits and hid them around the classroom while I was across the hall.  Then I had to search for them while they watched and laughed as I walked right past their carefully disguised rabbits.  Here are some pictures of the ones I found.  special note* I still haven’t found Lily’s.

Week 16

We had a great week after returning from the Thanksgiving Break.  The students worked on division in Math, proper nouns in Language Arts, ecosystems in Science, and the 3 branches of government in Social Studies.  Please remember to have your child read for 30 minutes every night and practice their math facts for division.