Progress Reports

Hello Parents & Students,

Please be advised that your students have received a progress report today! The students can complete any missing assignments during the break and turn them in for credit when they return to school. The students should also be reading a book throughout the break. They will have one more reading counts test for the 9 wk. grading period.

Tutoring will resume before/after school upon request!

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Night Web sight Link

Hello Parents and Students,


Please use the following link to log onto the book “Night”

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Unit 3

Hello Parents & Students,

Please continue reading your novel “The Devil’s Arithmetic”, chapters 5-7 are due on Friday 1/26/18.

The Unit Holocaust vocabulary/Mood of the Verb test will also be on Friday 1/26/18.

Remember to be studying your notes daily!!!!


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Welcome Back!!!

Hello Parents and students,.

The students are beginning Unit 3: The Challenge to Make a Difference. Please utilize the online textbook as a resource and support tool. Also note the links or Study Island and My Skills tutor below

The students received their 2nd Quarter Report Card today. Please review this with your student in regards to academic progress and behavior.  The students are to turn in the signed report to their homeroom teacher.

  • Username: lunchnumber (you may need a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 after your lunch number)  
  •    password: tapp

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Unit 2 Challenge of the Utopia

Dear Parents and Students,

The students are beginning Unit 2: Challenge of the Utopia. Please use the attached Parent Letter as a guide for the unit. The students will have two Embedded Assessments to complete and several quick writing activities.



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Explanation Essay

Hello Parents,

Please check your students grades to make sure they are completing their reading counts quizzes. Also they are currently working on an Explanation Essay (in class), which will be due on Wednesday November 15, 2017. This will be the end of Unit one, The Hero. Tutoring continues on Tuesday/Thursday @8:15 am and Tuesday/Thursday @4:30 (with prior notice).

Thank you for all your help,

Ms. Marques

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Hero Paper due tomorrow (rough draft)

Hello Parents,

The students have a written assignment due tomorrow. They have been working on this assignment for the past week and should be finished with their rough draft by tomorrow. Please review the assignment with your student tonight and have them return it with them in the morning.

Thank you for all your help,

Ms. Marques

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End of 1st 9 Weeks-Tutoring Schedule

Hello Parents,

This is the last week of the 9 week grading period. I will be tutoring before/after school to allow the students time to makeup/retake assignments. Please check the Synergy Grade Portal to see if your students is missing any assignments and would like to take advantage of the tutoring sessions. If your students would like to tutor before/after school please have them check with me in the morning prior to tutoring.

Thank you for your time,

Ms. Marques

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Ithaka Poem

Hello Parents and Students,

Please be advised the “My Ithaka” poem (attached ITHAKA-2ipr7w2 )was due on 9/4/17. I extended the due date until 9/11/17, but due to the recent weather challenges and cancellation of school I am extending the due date until this Friday 9/15/17. The poem must be typed and contain a picture relating to the poem.

***Students please see me with questions and/or concerns you may have.

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Reading Counts

Hello Parents and Students,

It is very important you are reading books within your level in order to show progression and be able to improve you reading comprehension. Reading books that are too easy or too hard will not afford you the opportunity to progress because the comprehension will either be too easy or too hard. Staying within you range allows you  to increase your lexile while challenging you at a level you can comprehend.

When checking out library books for your reading counts tests, please make sure the books are within you reading lexile level. The books checked out can be within 50 points above/below what your current lexile score is.  I will no longer be accepting scores for books that are not within you reading lexile level.


*** Please see me if you need to know what your reading level is and/or if you need help choosing a library book.


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