July 29, 2020

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school virtually! It is great to have you in my class. I am looking forward to meeting each of you, learning who you are, and providing you with knowledge to benefit your life. My ultimate goal is to have you more knowledgeable about marketing and business before you entered the class, and to provide you with life skills and experience to use as become an adult.

I teach two classes: Entrepreneurship and Marketing Principles.

If you are in the Entrepreneurship class you should click on the Entrepreneurship tab in the menu.

If you are in the Marketing Principles class, you should click on the Principles tab in the menu.

The menu tabs for each class will lead to your class page. I will update the pages regularly, providing updates on what we do each week. This blog is only for updates on what we are doing. For all assignments, lectures, and class participation, these will be in CTLS. CTLS will have all your assignments, or direct where daily where to get the assignments, lectures, live video, and projects. If you have questions, please let me know.

I am excited you are in my class. This class will be a break from your core classes. We will make it fun, exciting, and success driven. The core classes develop, this class will make you. This class has the potential to provide with a career driven path to become successful the business field.