Important: 411

(things you need to know to be successful this year)


Here are the important things you need to know in order to be successful in math:

  1. Be prepared for class daily: agenda, pencils, binder, 5 tabs, notebook paper, red/green pen, calculator (basic).

  2. Respect every person in class.

  3. Follow classroom rules: be on time, have all materials, participate/focus in class, respect all.

  4. Complete your homework/practice the content daily.

  5. Study each day.

Parents and or Students

Emailing info:

-I email during school days from the time I get to school to the time I leave no later then 5. On breaks I check maybe one time during the week and on weekends I respond the first school day back.

-if you need to reach out to me, please make sure you tell me your child’s name, what period, and subject they have me for so that way I am able to understand with clarity of which student is being addressed. I have many students with two different subjects to keep up with. It will be much easier for me to know exactly which student I am addressing if those three things are addressed first. Thank you!! 🙂



Please keep up to date on parentvue for current and up to date grades. The grades represent the content understanding and true reflection of the effort the student is putting into their education/studies.