Good afternoon!

Tonight’s homework is:

  • Math 6 – p. 901 # 22-34.  You have an open note quiz tomorrow on the coordinate grid.  Make sure you know how to locate, place, and reflect a point in any quadrant on the coordinate grid.
  • Math 6/7 – None, other than to have a nice evening.

See you tomorrow!


Hi Kiddos!

It was so nice to see you all at our “normal” time today, and it is nice to be back on our routine as we finish up the last few weeks of school.

Tonight’s homework is:

  • Math 6 – p. 899, #1-20
  • Math 6/7 – p. 949, #1-20

Please make sure you are bringing your MSG and your dry erase marker to school daily!  We use both of them a lot in this room, and I am all out of dry erase markers.

Math 6/7 – Your Unit 9 test is Wednesday, May 9th.  I will have review guides available tomorrow. 🙂


Hello Kiddos,

Today you finished the math Milestone!

There is no assigned homework tonight, so make sure you are well rested and ready to get back into the swing of things tomorrow.

Mrs. Rudd


Hello Kiddos,

There is no assigned homework over the weekend other than to be ready to take part one of the Math Milestone on Monday.  Remember, you have been preparing for this all year, you are ready, and I know you will do your best. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast, bring some sharpened pencils, and a basic, four function calculator.  Durham is NOT providing calculators, so if you want to use one you will need to have one with you.

I am so excited for you to show off your big math brains on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Rudd


Hello Mathies,

Great job today!  There is no assigned homework other than to rest and prepare for the second day of testing tomorrow.  Make sure you have a big, healthy breakfast since your lunch will be slightly later than usual.  Also, bring at least two sharpened pencils (mechanical pencils are not allowed) and wear clothing that you find comfortable for the temperature in the class.

See you tomorrow! 🙂


Hello Kiddos,

There is no homework tonight other than to rest and relax.  Tomorrow is the first of two language arts days for the Georgia Milestone Test, and it is important that you are rested, relaxed, and ready to show off how much you have learned this year.  Please bring a couple of pencils (not mechanical pencils, just good, old fashioned, wooden #2 pencils), wear clothing that will keep you comfortable considering the temperature in class, and make sure you eat a healthy, balanced breakfast.

Monday and Tuesday (April 24 and 25)  are the days that you are taking the math sections of the Milestone.  You will be allowed to use a calculator on portions of the math test.  The only calculators that 6th graders are allowed to use are basic, four function calculators.  You may not use a scientific calculator.


You may use calculators like the one above…            You may not use calculators like this…


If you have a question about your calculator come and see me during homeroom.  I will let you know if your specific calculator is allowed.  I know that our school store is selling four function calculators for $1.



See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Rudd

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Good afternoon,

There is no assigned homework over the weekend other than to have a good weekend.  Thanks for your hard work today, kiddos!  See you next week!

Mrs. Rudd


Good afternoon kiddos!

Tonight’s homework is:

  • Math 6 – p. 891, #1-10 and USA test prep benchmark #3.
  • Math 6/7 – USA test prep benchmark #3.

See you tomorrow!