Hello Mathies and Scientists,

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Modeled division of a whole number of a fraction.  Modeling is just drawing a picture that proves the math.  Your homework tonight is to finish the “ruler” division page that we started in class.  Hopefully you have your MSG to help you.

Science (Block 3): Today we had a guidance lesson from Mrs. Crandall on making connections with your classmates.  There is no assigned homework.

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): Unit 1 review – TEST TOMORROW.  Here are the answers to the review so you can check your work.  Make sure your MSG is with you tomorrow since they will be collected and graded.

Unit 1 review with answers-2mqh9kn

See you tomorrow! 🙂



Hello Kiddos,

Today’s classes went fast!  I only got to see most of you for about 25 minutes.  Here is what went on in 515 today…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Today we reviewed GCF and LCM problems.  Homework tonight is p. 169, #18-26 evens only.

Science (Block 3): Today we finished the unit vocabulary from pages 90-91 in the text book.  We defined and illustrated rock cycle, rock, weathering, erosion, and deposition.  If you did not finish defining those vocabulary in class please finish it at home tonight.

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): Today in class we checked HW and looked a bit more at dividing fractions using standard algorithm.  Homework is to complete the factors, multiples, and fraction division assignment by Friday. This homework assignment will be graded for accuracy.  I will give you a few minutes to work on it in class tomorrow.  Remember – your unit 1 test is Friday.  Use the review guide to help you prepare.

ALL CLASSES: Please check synergy.  I have students in almost every block whose grades are impacted by zeros.  Are you one of them?  Please log in and check your grade.

🙂 Mrs. Rudd


Hello Math and Science Brains,

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): …finished MSG notes on factors and multiples and strategies for finding the GCF and LCM of a set of numbers.  Tonight’s homework is p. 167, #1-12 even.

Science (Block 3): …enjoyed a presentation from an environmental geologist.  Thank you, Mr. Meares for your time and information.  There is no assigned homework tonight, but please bring your SSG and some colored pencils to class tomorrow. 

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): …divided fractions and mixed numbers using standard algorithm.  Tonight’s homework is p. 159, #1-5.

See you tomorrow kiddos.  🙂


Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we…

Math 6 (blocks 1 & 2): Practiced finding the GCF of a set of numbers.  Tonight’s homework is to find the GCF of the following sets of numbers:

  1. 45, 30
  2. 24, 32
  3. 40, 24
  4. 18, 36, 63

Science (block 3): Started our new unit on rocks.  There is no assigned homework tonight, and there was no warm up since we are looking at new content.

AC Math (blocks 4 & 5): Found the quotient of fractions using models and algorithms. There is no assigned homework tonight, but you DO have your Unit 1 test on Friday.  Here is a study guide.  I will have a paper copy to give you in class tomorrow, so there is no need to print this unless you’d like to start reviewing a night early.

Study Guide Unit 1-1nmbwf7

See you tomorrow 🙂


Hey Kiddos,

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Took a division quiz.  There is no assigned homework this weekend, so have fun being a kid.

Science (Block 3): Did a 2 cup stem challenge.  FUN! We will be starting a new unit on Monday, so today was a perfect day to do something a little different.  Here are some pics from your designs.  You did such a fabulous job today – I can’t wait to do another challenge with you.  Remember to email me suggestions if you find a good idea.

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): Took MSG notes on modeling division of fractions.  There is no homework this weekend other than to have a nice weekend.

See you Monday!


Shout out to Block 3!  We have raised $620 for our school.  Thank you for your generous donations that help support our team and our school. 

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Block 1 & 2): Reviewed long division for the quiz tomorrow.  Homework tonight is p. 73, #1, 2, 5, 7.

Science (Block 3): Took the mineral test.  There is no warm up or homework tonight.

AC Math (Block 4 & 5): Finished notes on GCF, LCM, and fraction division with models.  Homework tonight is p. 133, #1-4.

See you tomorrow. 🙂


Hello 6th Graders,

Today in class we…

Homeroom: I forgot to send you home with your picture information today.  I will send it with you tomorrow.  Picture day is not until next week.

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Solved long division problems with decimals in the divisor and in the dividend.  Tonight’s homework is p. 67, #18, 19, 21, 22.

Science (Block 3): Completed the study guide and reviewed for the Mineral Test tomorrow.  Use the link below to help you study.

Mineral Test Study Cards

This week’s warm ups have been:

  • Monday – No Warm Up
  • Tuesday – Use p. 77 in your book to define reclamation.  Describe how reclamation benefits the land.
  • Wednesday – Use p. 76 in your book to define ore. How is ore removed from the ground?

AC Math (blocks 4 & 5): Used strategies to find the GCF and LCM of a set of numbers.  Homework tonight is: p. 167, #1-12. 




Hello Math and Science Brains,

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Completed long division problems and converted the remainder to a decimal.  Your homework tonight is to complete the 4 division problems on the 1/2 sheet of paper you were given in class.  Use long division and convert the remainder to a decimal.  You can check the answers with a calculator, but make sure your work space matches.

If you need help, use the math tab at the top of the page.  It will take you to video links that may help.

Science (Block 3): Reviewed the content that is going to be on your mineral quiz on Thursday.  We will finish reviewing tomorrow.  Your homework tonight is to STUDY.  Bring your device tomorrow if you are BYOD approved.  We will use it on a Kahoot. 

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): Finished a decimal division check in and started discussing factors and multiples.  Your homework tonight is p. 166, # 1-6.

See you tomorrow. 🙂


Hello Kiddos,

Today’s classes were definitely different with the events in the sky.  Attendance was low in all blocks, and no new content was introduced.  There is no assigned homework for any block and no warm up for science.

See you tomorrow!  Make sure you come to school with your materials ready to work hard. 🙂