Hello Kiddos!

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Started the Unit 3 test.  Tomorrow you will have all of your class time to continue working on it.

Science (Block 3): Completed a relative dating activity and put 6.2 notes in our SSGs.  If you have a small jar at home bring it in and we will transfer the pennies from their cup to a jar.  I think that will weather the pennies better.

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): Practiced one step equations with mixed operations.  Tomorrow you have an equation quiz that is open note.

See you tomorrow kiddos!  I had a wonderful day being your teacher.


Hello 6th Graders,

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Reviewed for the Unit 3 test.  We will start the test tomorrow and finish it Friday.  Here is the review we worked on in class.  The answers are on the last slideUnit 3 Review (in class with answers)

Science (Block 3): Determined the age of disturbed rock layers relative to the age of the layers around them.  Today’s warm up is: What are the four types of events that disturb rock layers?

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): Solved one step equations with fractional coefficients. Tonight’s homework is p. 471, #1-10.

See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Rudd


Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Finished notes and practiced with distributing, factoring, and combining like terms.  Tonight’s homework is to complete the teacher made page I passed out in class.  It looks a lot like last night’s homework, but with different numbers in the problems.

Here is an answer key to the power point review I posted yesterday.Unit 3 Review – Answers-1ct767k

Science (Block 3): Took notes on relative dating.  We will wrap that up tomorrow.

Today’s warm up: Define gradualism.  Describe three examples of gradual change that change the surface of the earth.

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): Finished MSG notes on multiplication and division equations.  Tonight’s homework is p. 462, #2-10 even and p. 470, #2-6 even.

See you tomorrow! 🙂


Hello and welcome back!  It was so nice to see you today!

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Explored the distributive property and combining like terms.  We took notes and put examples in our MSGs.  Tonight’s homework is to complete the practice problems I passed out in class.

Your Unit 3 test is Thursday, although most of you will start it Thursday and finish it Friday.  The review I passed out in class today is worth 5% extra credit if it is completed correctly with work shown.  Here is another review to help you study. Unit 3 Review PPT-2cadhxv

Science (Block 3): Learned about gradual and rapid changes to the earth.  Your warm up today is: Describe catastrophism and give 3 examples of catastrophic changes. 

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): Finished MSG notes on addition and subtraction equations.  We also did a few examples in class on white boards.  The only homework tonight is to put volume 1 of your math test book somewhere…volume 2 is heading your way tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!  🙂


Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Took MSG notes on combining like terms.

Science (Block 3): Watched a video about plate tectonics.

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): Took MSG notes on solving one-step addition equations.

There is no assigned homework over the break.  Have a wonderful week off, kiddos!  I am so very thankful to spend my days with all of you. 🙂

Mrs. Rudd


Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Worked on an algebraic expression check in.  There is no assigned homework tonight unless you have unfinished work.

Science (Block 3): Took the chapter 12 test.  There is no assigned homework tonight.

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): Finished the Unit 3 test and started MSG notes on equations.  There is no assigned homework tonight.

See you Friday!  Tomorrow I will be here, but I am shadowing an 8th grade student.  I will be back as your teacher on Friday. 🙂


Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Completed an algebraic expression SCOOT.  Homework tonight is p. 367, #1-9 and #12-14.

Science (Block 3): Finished review notes for chapter 12.  Remember the test is tomorrow.

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): Took the Unit 3 math test.  I will give you 10 minutes in class tomorrow to finish up, if you need time other than that see me during homeroom this week.

See you tomorrow kiddos!  Have a great afternoon. 🙂


Good afternoon,

There is no assigned homework over the weekend, but there are a few reminders as we go into the next week.

  • Please support our canned food drive!  Durham is doing good for our community by helping to provide to families in need.  Any contribution is appreciated.
  • AC Math (blocks 4 & 5) – You have a test Tuesday.  Remember to study.
  • Science – I moved your test to Wednesday since there were already a couple of tests on the calendar for Tuesday.  Use the extra day to study.
  • All students – check your grade over the weekend or Monday during homeroom.  You will need this for class on Monday.

See you later kiddos! Have a great weekend!


Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Simplified numeric expressions and demonstrated what we know with an independent assignment in class.  There is no assigned homework tonight.

Science (Blocks 3): Labeled features of glaciers and the moraines they produce.  I also gave out a chapter 12 study guide and showed the link to the quizizz in class.  The link and game code can be found on yesterday’s blog.

AC Math (Block 4 & 5): Simplified expressions by combining like terms and applying the distributive property when needed.  Homework tonight is p. 413, #1-12 EVEN. 🙂

Your Unit 3 test is Tuesday.  Here is a guide to help you study and prepare.  The test is not open note. Unit 3 Review PPT-2cadhxv


Hello Kiddos,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes!  You sure did make my day even more wonderful than it would have been.  Thank you. 🙂

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Simplified numerical expressions using PEMDAS. Tonight’s homework is p. 361, #17-29.

Science (Block 3): Identified glacial features with a vocabulary sort.  There is no homework tonight.

Chapter 12 test is next week.  I am posting a quizizz review below.  Please remember that we are not done with chapter 12 yet, so there will be questions that may look unfamiliar now – but they won’t for long. 🙂 The quizizz has 39 questions, please don’t feel like you need to sit down and do them all at once.  Just practice a little each night to help you prepare.


Game code – 426424

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): Practiced with factoring and distributing.  Homework is p. 413, #1-12 even, but this is due FRIDAY.  You may want to wait till tomorrow to complete it.

Don’t forget about the canned food drive!

See you tomorrow!