Hello Kiddos,

It was wonderful to see you today.  Thank you for being well behaved when I was out Monday. 🙂

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Started exploring area by building our own set of Tangrams.  We used the known area of one of the Tangrams to determine the area of other shapes in the set.  Your homework tonight is to finish the front of the Tangram area worksheet.

Science (Block 3): Finished the constructed responses from the Dynamic Earth test and did a lab/demonstration where we looked at the distribution of Earth’s water.  There is no homework tonight.

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): Quickly reviewed area of singular parallelograms and triangles.  We started MSG notes on composite shapes and area.  Homework tonight is p. 679, #11, 12, and 14.

See you tomorrow!

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