Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we were BUSY.  You got back graded classwork, graded constructed responses, and learned about unit rate.  Homework tonight is to solve problems 1-16 on the ratio, rate, and unit rate worksheet.  Please solve the front only, the problems on the back are duplicates.  I hope your brought your MSG home to help you. 🙂

Here is a picture of 3 problems from tonight’s homework so you can check yourself.



Hello Kiddos,

This post has some important information about tomight’s homework and about test corrections.  Let’s start with tonight’s homework (p. 243, #1-6).  Here is a picture of the work I did to make the key. 

Now, let’s discuss test corrections and retakes.  First, check your grade in the gradebook.  If your test was complete before the weekend it is graded and in the gradebook, if it was not you need to finish it so I can grade it and get it back to you.  If you decide you would like to retake the test you MUST complete a correction for the first test.  This correction is your “ticket in the door” for the retake session.  Here is a link to the correction, or you may wait until tomorrow to get a paper copy from me in class. Test Correction Form-2bcquu9 . This form must be completed correctly, signed, and turned in with your original test in order to be eligible to retake the test.

Test retakes will be offered before school, October 2-5.  You may arrive at school at 8:15 on any of those days to retake the Unit 1 test.  The computational and constructed response tests are eligible to redo, but both must be corrected separately.  If you know that you are going to need more than a day, please come in early in the week to get started because all retakes MUST be finished by Friday, October 5th.  This date can’t be extended since the marking period ends the following week.

All computational tests were handed back in class today.  All constructed responses will be returned to students tomorrow.  If you have any questions please let me know. 🙂


Hello Kiddos,

There is no homework this week, but I do have a couple of reminders as we wrap up one week and prepare for another.

  • Monday, September 17th, from 8:15 – 8:50 you may come in and finish part one or part two of the Unit I test.  If you can’t make it before school you may come during homeroom.
  • Please have a dry erase marker with you daily.  When I passed them out I tried to make it very clear that it was expected that you have it with you every day.  Not having a dry erase marker will result in a strike for being unprepared.
  • Please check your grades over the weekend.  I will have all the Unit I test grades entered by Sunday evening, so that would be a great time to check and see how you are doing in class.

Have a nice weekend!  See you Monday.


Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we practiced writing ratios and identifying equivalent ratios.  Tonight’s homework is p. 193, #12 – 27.  The answers to tonight’s homework are below.  Hopefully these answers are mistake free. 🙂


12. 3:5

13. 1:3

14. 2:4

15. 2:7

16. 8:15

17. 1:3

18. D

19. F

20. 2:3

21. B

22. The missing number is 9

23. he missing number is 4

24. he missing number is 35

25. 195 miles

26. 36 baskets

27. 15 girls


Good afternoon,

Today we started Unit 2, which deals with ratios, rates, and proportional reasoning.  In class we watched a Math Antics video about ratios and rates.  You can watch it again here if you would like to. Ratios and Rates – Math Antics.  We also took MSG notes on ratios, and writing and simplifying part-to-part and part-to whole ratios.  Homework tonight is p. 191, #1-7.

Here is the Unit 2 parent letter.  There is a lot of information and helpful links about all the topics for Unit 2. M6U2 Parent Letter 2017-24lp8jl

Have a nice afternoon!


Hello Kiddos,

Since you finished Part II of the Unit 1 test today, there is no homework!  See you in class tomorrow, and you will have a little bit of homework tomorrow night. 🙂


Hello Kiddos,

There is no assigned homework tonight, but here is a link to a different Unit 1 quizizz review if you feel like you’d like some extra practice.https://join.quizizz.com/ game code #853511.   Remember to bring your MSG to class Monday.  It will be collected and graded.

Have a great weekend.  🙂


Hello Mathies,

Today in class we took the Unit 1 Touchstone.  Some of you finished, and some did not.  Tomorrow we will wrap it up.  Tonight’s homework is practice with division of fractions and mixed numbers.  You get to pick half of the problems.  Please pick 4 to complete on the side with 8 problems and 3 to complete on the side with 6 problems.

See you tomorrow!  Don’t forget about FroYo Friday! 🙂


Hello Math Brains,

Tomorrow is picture day!  Even if you are not ordering pictures, everyone is having pictures taken for the yearbook, so be sure to plan accordingly.  If you are ordering pictures you may follow the directions on the information that is coming home with your student today, or you may prepay online using this link:  http://georgiaclassicimages.com/    To order online, you will need the event code, which is DURHMF18.

Students in all blocks had graded work passed back today.  Please check synergy to make sure your grades on paper match what is in my gradebook.  Homework tonight is optional, but if you are completing a redemption assignment for the quiz you got back today it is due tomorrow. Late assignments will not be accepted. 

The Unit One test is next week.  The test will be given in 2 parts.  Part one will be Monday, September 10.  The second part will be given Tuesday, September 11. Here is a link to a review that you are welcome to use for practice. Unit 1 Review game code 662539.

Some of you have reported that a division video I made and posted on youtube was not playing.  Try the link below. 🙂  I think I fixed it.

Divsion Help (3rd page of practice packet)

See you tomorrow, kiddos!