Hey Kiddos,

Today in class we reviewed numerical expressions to practice and prepare for tomorrow’s quiz.  Tonight’s homework is the study guide for the quiz tomorrow.

Remember to bring in a can if you are wearing a costume tomorrow!

Percent and Measurement test retakes are Friday, November 2 and Monday, November 6.  In order to retest you must complete a test correction.  Here are some things that may help you:

Measurement Conversion and Percent Test (Key)-19b7fza (this will help you to see what questions you missed)

Test Correction Form-2bcquu9 (this must be completed and signed in order for your retest to count)

Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂


Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we finished MSG notes on using order of operations to evaluate numerical expressions.  If you were not at school today or if you want to hear some of the order of operation information again, you should watch this video. http://www.mathantics.com/section/lesson-video/order-of-operations.  There is an open note quiz Wednesday.  Tonight’s homework is p. 359, #1 – 8.

Remember that you can wear a costume on Halloween, but you may not wear masks or makeup that disguises your face.  We need to be able to easily identify you at all times.  Please bring a can of food (or more) for the canned food drive in order to wear your costume at school.

Have a nice night.  See you tomorrow.



This is a long post with some important information.  Please make sure you take a few minutes to read through it. 🙂

Today in class the Unit Conversion and Percent tests were handed back.  Kids have their score, but need to check here to see the problems they missed. Measurement Conversion and Percent Test (Key)-19b7fza.  If your student is unhappy with their grade they are welcome to take a retest.  In order to take the retest, a test correction must be completed and signed by an adult. Test Correction Form-2bcquu9.  I also have paper copies of this available in class.  The correction and the original test are required to take the retest.  The retest dates are November 2nd at 8:15 and November 5th at 8:15.  Please choose the session that is best for you.

A reminder about dress code, specifically about leggings and shirts.  Leggings are allowed but MUST be worn with a shirt that is closer to the knee than the waist.  Please, please review this and make sure your student is wearing attire that follows these guidelines.  Any child not wearing dress code appropriate clothes has to go up to the front office and call home for a change of clothes. If a change of clothes is not an option, then your child will have to spend the day in ISS for the dress code violation. Please see page 6 of the student agenda for specific dress code details.

There is no homework this weekend, other than to enjoy your weekend. See you Monday.

Mrs. Rudd


Tomorrow to celebrate Red Ribbon Week we are “Head to Toe Drug Free.”  Crazy socks and crazy hair are welcome!

Hello Kidos,

Today in class we reviewed for the measurement and percent test.  The test is tomorrow and it is not open note.

Here is the review we completed in class today.

Percent and Measurement Review-1slt39b

Here is the link to tonight’s homework.  https://quizizz.com/join  Game code 740421. Please complete the quizizz review.  When you log in and play please use a name that lets me know it is you, that way you get credit for doing your homework.

Finally, your study guide, if you choose to complete it, is due tomorrow.

Have your MSG tomorrow. They will be collected and graded.

See you soon!


Hello Mathies,

Homework tonight is p. 123, #1-9 and #13 and 14. 

Today in class we finished MSG notes on measurement conversions and practiced using proportional reasoning to convert measurement units.  There is a test (not open note) on Wednesday, October 24th.  Last week you were given a study guide.  If you complete the study guide and turn it in before the test on Wednesday you will earn 5% extra credit on the test.  Late study guides are not accepted, so if you’d like the extra credit make sure you have it done and ready to turn in Wednesday.  Here is a quizizz to review for the test.  You will need your MSG on the Quizizz.

https://join.quizizz.com/  game code 740421


  • It is important that you have a dry erase marker with you daily.  I have markers available, but they cost a strike.  If your marker is missing or running out of ink you may see me for a replacement (for a strike) or get a dry erase marker.  They are in the school store, and available at any store for purchase.
  • Picture retake day is October 25th.  If you were absent on picture day makes sure you are here for retakes so you make it in the yearbook.
  • Tomorrow is “Hats Off to Being Drug Free.”  Wear your favorite hat to school to celebrate Red Ribbon Week.




Hello Mathies,

Today in class we wrapped up loose ends from the week.  I also passed out a study guide for the Percent and Measurement Conversion test, which is Wednesday, October 24th.  Completing the study guide will earn you a 5% bonus on the test.  Here is a link to a video where I solve a few of the problems with you.


Here are the links for the percent videos from a couple of weeks ago – just in case you feel like you’d like a refresher.


Have a great weekend. See you Monday!


Hello Kiddos,

Today was the last day of our block scheduling, so I will see all of you tomorrow, even though our classes will be short due to the early release.  Tomorrow the weekly homework is due, so make sure yours is complete and ready to turn in.

This week all classes were given a warm up, but due to the class schedule we did not have enough time to complete it in class.  I will collect those from you next week after I give you a bit of time to finish them.

Tomorrow is FROYO Friday, so if that is a treat you look forward to remember your $3.

Next week is RED RIBBON WEEK, and we are celebrateing our commitment to a drug-free life with a spirit week here at school.

  • Monday – Team Up Against Drugs (wear a team jersey)
  • Tuesday – Hats off to Being Drug Free (wear a hat)
  • Wednesday – Head to Toe, I’m Drug Free (crazy hair and socks)
  • Thursday – Peace OUT Drugs (wear tie-dye)
  •  Friday – Too Bright for Drugs (wear neon)

Just letting you know so you can plan ahead.  See you tomorrow! 🙂


Please cross off the last problem on Thursday on this work’s homework.  You do not need to complete it. 

Hello Mathies,

We are still having our weird conference week schedule, so I did not see all of you today.  This is a reminder to keep working on your weekly review homework even if I did not see you today.  I will be collecting all the homework Friday, so make sure you are keeping up with your assignment.

See (some of) you tomorrow and all of you Friday. 🙂

Mrs. Rudd