Good afternoon, kiddos!  Today in class we continued solving volume problems, and solved problems with missing dimensions.  Homework tonight is to complete the volume practice problems that you got in class today.  Remember, there is a TEST on Friday.  Use the quizizz I posted yesterday to help you study. 🙂


Hello Kiddos,

It was WONDERFUL seeing you all back at school today, and I hope all of you are refreshed and ready to finish the third marking period strong.  Today in class we solved volume problems and reviewed the V= lwh and V=Bh formulas used to solve volume problems of rectangular prisms. Homework tonight is to complete the volume problems on the practice page you were given in class.


  • Bring a calculator to class D A I L Y.  It will make your life a little easier. 🙂
  • There is a unit 5 test Friday, March 1.  Here is a review. https://join.quizizz.com/ GAME CODE 361183.
  • Make sure you have a dry erase marker.  If yours went missing or dried up over the break you may replace it.  I have them as well, but they cost a strike.

See you tomorrow!


Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we practiced solving surface area problems.  Tonight’s homework is to complete the 4 problems from the surface area review worksheet.  Here is my work to help you.


Here is a link to the problems we solved in class today.  Surface area SCOOT (9 problems with nets and dimensions)-1tedrgk

Here are the answers so you can check your accuracy:

  1. 36 ft. squared
  2. 2,058 ft. squared
  3. 207 cm. squared
  4. 175 m. squared
  5. 234 m. squared
  6. 207 cm. squared
  7. 267.2 in. squared
  8. 1226.94 in. squared
  9. 418.5 m. squared



Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we took MSG notes on solving surface area of triangular prisms.  Homework tonight is p. 685, #15-18.  Here are the answers to help you. 🙂 


Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we took MSG notes on finding the surface area of rectangular prisms.  Tonight’s homework is p. 675, #13-16, and 18-19.  If you are in block 1, 2, or 3 I looked at the wrong day in my lesson plans and wrote homework for the week after break on the board.  I am sorry.  If you have p. 651 instead of 675 you have homework about volume, not surface area.  If you need an extra night to complete it due to my error you are welcome to it, no penalty.  Here is picture of my key to help you. I can’t post the page, but here is my workspace.


Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we started learning about surface area, and how to find the surface area of square and triangular-based pyramids.  Homework tonight is p. 695, #16 – 21, but I want you to SKIP #21. It is a missing dimension problem, and we are not doing that with surface area.  So, just do #16 – 20.  Here is a picture of my key that you can use to help you.  Remember, you are allowed to use a calculator! 🙂


Hi Kiddos,

Today in class we took notes and did a little practice with composite area.  Tonight’s homework is to complete the four composite area problems you were given in class.  Here are the answers so you can check for accuracy:

  1. 30.56 yards squared
  2. 304 meters squared
  3. 193 feet squared
  4. 52.25 feet squared

Attention 3rd block.  I looked at number 3 on tonight’s homework the wrong way in class today, and gave you a hint that makes the problem too hard.  You can solve it that way if you are up for a challenge, but here is a hint that makes it WAAAAYYYYY easier.  I am sorry! 🙂 (Even teachers make mistakes, right??)

Please remember a 4-function calculator tomorrow.  No phones or scientific calculators are allowed.

See you tomorrow, kiddos!  Have a nice night.