There is NO math tutoring tomorrow morning. 

Hello Kiddos,

Today’s schedule was a little nutty, and I did not see all of you.  Of the students I did see, I surveyed them about their experience with Prodigy.  About 10% of the students using prodigy like it (a lot), and the rest of the students are not enjoying it as much.  The point of playing Prodigy is to review concepts from previous units in preparation for the Milestone test.  So, I came up with a compromise.

If you like Prodigy, then please keep using it.  I assigned a Milestone Review to all blocks, so as you progress through challenges you will be presented with questions from all the previous units.  Playing for about 10 minutes a day should give you enough time to get through the challenge.  If you do not like Prodigy, then don’t feel like you need to keep trying to like it.  I made a quizizz that you can play to review fraction division and decimal arithmetic.  Here is the link: https://join.quizizz.com/ and the game code is: 955476.  I do not expect you to do both of these, but pick the one you like best to practice.

If you are choosing the quizizz, I will make and post codes to quizziz for each unit.  I know I won’t get to that today, so just start with the one I posted, but I will post other links tomorrow for you to use as you see fit.

See you soon! 🙂