Good afternoon, kiddos!  It was nice to be back in the room with you today.  Here are some highlights.

Social Studies: Today we practiced finding absolute location using latitude and longitude.  Tomorrow is the Geographer Skills Assessment.  Make sure you complete the Topo Quest and What Is Geography assignments since those will help you to prepare.

Math: Today in class we practiced multi-digit multiplication with whole numbers and decimals. Homework tonight is to complete #5-12 on the multiplication practice sheet.  Here are the answers so you can check yourself.

5) 0.0168

6) 0.98

7) 4.15656

8) 52.19612

9) 0.15912

10) 11.745

11) 403.75

12) $7.15 or $7.14.  I will take either answer since it depends on when you round the numbers.

See you tomorrow! 🙂

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