Hello Kiddos,

Here are some highlights from today.

Social Studies: Today in social studies we looked at how strands of social studies connected to the character’s life in the book Weslandia.  Then we started to brainstorm ideas about how social studies connects to our own life with some pre-writing.  If you did not finish the prewriting in class please finish it at home tonight so tomorrow you are ready for the next step.

Math: Today we divided decimal dividends by whole number divisors.  Here is a link to a video where I work out 3 of the homework problems.  https://youtu.be/oPLEzs5y13c

Here are the answers to each problem.  You were not assigned all of the problems in class, but many of you mentioned wanting to do more, so I am providing the answers to you so you can check your work.

  1. 2.3
  2. 0.9
  3. 4.3
  4. 0.7225 (this one was a little tricky)
  5. 0.8
  6. 2.4
  7. 1.5
  8. 0.23
  9. 2.95
  10. 0.545
  11. 0.95
  12. 1.52

See you tomorrow. 🙂

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