Hello Global Citizens and Math Brains.  Here are the highlights from today.

Social Studies: Today in class we looked at primary and secondary sources from September 11, 2001.  There is no homework tonight, but if you decide to create your own primary document from the person you interviewed it will earn you a 5% bonus on next week’s test.

Math:  Today in class we practiced finding unit rate, which is simply a ratio that has a quantity that is simplified to 1.  Here are the answers to tonight’s homework.

  1. 0.5 inches per hour
  2.  $9.20 per toy
  3.  35 miles per hour
  4.  8 oz. per cup
  5.  15 students per teacher
  6.  4 minutes per dollar
  7.  3 oz. per patty
  8.  Jules’ Rules – 3 games per loss; Pink Sox – 4 games per loss; Go-Girls – 4 games per loss; High 5s – 9 games per loss.
  9. The High-5s have the best record because they only lose one game for every 9 games they play.
  10. 3 eggs per order
  11. 186 miles per hour
  12.  42 stops in 3 hours, 56 stops in 4 hours

See you tomorrow!


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