Good afternoon global citizens and math brains!  I had a nice day with you today. Here are the highlights.

Social Studies:  Today in class we started exploring environmental issues in Europe. We looked at the sources of acid rain in Germany, smog in the Great Britain, and started discussing the Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine.  We will pick up where we left off tomorrow and there is no homework tonight.

Math: Today in class we practiced with ratios and unit rates.  Homework tonight is the “Ratios” practice sheet.  Here are the answers.

  1. 1:2 – There is one sail boat for every two fan boats
  2.  2:3 – There are two tulips for every three daffodils
  3.  1:6 – There is one duck for every six geese
  4.  1:5 – There is one baseball for every five softballs
  5.  1:3 – There is one poodle for every three beagles
  6.  5:6 – There are five brown eggs for every six white eggs
  7.  4:5 – For every four pink stripes there are five green stripes
  8.  3:5 – For every three trombones there are five trumpets
  9.  5:7 – For every five lions there are seven tigers
  10.  4:9 – For every four bills there are nine letters
  11.  12 volleyball: 36 total students which simplifies for 1:3.  This means one of every three students plays volleyball.
  12.  6 kiwi: 36 total pieces of fruit which simplifies to 1:6.  This means one of every six pieces of fruit is kiwi.


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