Week of 1-21-2020

Hello Global Citizens and Math Brains,

Here is what you can expect this week:

Social Studies: This week we will wrap up our learning on European systems of government and we will begin looking at economics.  Please make sure you have highlighters so you can use them for the instructional materials this week. The teacher’s notes on economics are big.

  • Tuesday: Government review.  Graded papers passed back
  • Wednesday: Quiz and start economics
  • Thursday: Economics
  • Friday: Economics and CNN 10

Here is a link to a quizizz to help you review for Wednesday’s quiz. https://quizizz.com/join?gc=646551 Game code: 646551

Math: This week we are going to begin to learn about surface area.  We are going to be using strategies you already learned and applying them to a new concept.  We will be building shapes and using concrete approaches to introduce this concept.  Be ready to work with a partner and construct some shapes.  There will not be a lot of homework this week because we are building new knowledge.

Please bring scissors and tape Wednesday. We will use them in class Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  

  • Tuesday:  Weekly skills #16, cube exploration, surface area MSG quick notes.
  • Wednesday:  Weekly skills #16, nets and characteristics  of 3-d shapes
  • Thursday: Weekly skills #16, nets of cubes and rectangular prisms
  • Friday: Weekly skills #16, nets of triangular prisms and pyramids


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