Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Hello Global Citizens and Math Brains. Thanks for checking in and being responsible with your digital learning.  Here are your tasks for the day.

Social Studies: Answer through #89 on the Work to be Completed at Home.  If you are done you may submit it to me.  Some of you have been typing it, and if you have, you may find it easiest to attach it to an email or share it with me in Office 365.  If you have been doing the assignment on notebook paper, you can scan it and email it to me, or you can take a picture and email it to me.  The due date for this is Wednesday, but I am more than willing to be flexible with that, but please let me know if you need more time to complete this assignment.

Math: Today we are going to learn about absolute value – I promise this is a concept that sounds tricky, but is easy-peasy.

  1. Watch the three videos linked here:  Watch this video to get the “big idea” of absolute value. Absolute Value Introduction. Once you watch the introduction video, I would like you to watch this Khan Academy Video Khan Academy Opposites.  Finally, this last video is of Mrs. Forester explaining a bit more about absolute value and what some 6th grade absolute value problems look like. Mrs. Forester – Absolute Value All 3 of these videos combined will take less than 10 minutes to watch.  There is no work to do on these, just watch them. 🙂
  2. Follow the link to the Georgia Virtual Academy and work through the examples on the page.  There is another video here that you are welcome to watch as well if you feel like it will help you. Absolute Value – Georgia Virtual Academy
  3. Now, you are ready to try some on your own.  Here is the link to the practice problems for today. Absolute Value and Opposite MSG example problems. The answer key is below so you can check your work.

Enjoy the rest of your day.  I will see you back in this space tomorrow. 🙂


Monday, March 30, 2020

Welcome back to week three of our digital learning.  I appreciate you checking in and being accountable for your tasks during this time.  Let’s get started.

Social Studies: Complete #75 – 83 on the Work to be Completed at Home. If you are behind on these questions please do a few extra per day to catch up.  The goal is to be done with those on Wednesday.

Math: Today we are starting Unit 7, which is all about positive and negative numbers.  We are going to start just like we would if we were together in class with a Math Antics video.  Math Antics – Positive and Negative Numbers.  This is a great introduction to where we are going, and Mr. Math Antics does a good job of explaining positive and negative whole numbers.

Once you watch the video, follow up by going to this link Georgia Virtual Academy.  Once the page loads there are two videos that start to play right away. Pause them so you can listen to them one at a time.  Then do the following:

  •  Place the numbers on the number line.
  • Watch the first or the second video about ordering whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.  They are both less than 2 minutes, and you can choose the one you would like to watch.
  • Complete the examples at the bottom of the webpage.

Do not worry about downloading and completing the assignment mentioned on the page.  I made a form so I can see your answers.  The link to that is below.

That is all for now kiddos.  Make sure you are caught up with all the activities from last week.  Let me know if you need help getting to anything. 🙂

Mrs. Rudd

Friday, March 27, 2020.

Hello Kiddos!  Glad to see you checking back in.  Let’s get started.

Social Studies: Please watch the following link about the Census.  Census Video.  It is only about 5 minutes long.  Then complete the Microsoft form.  You can go back and watch the video again if you need to. Census Questions

Math: There are no new assignments today.  Make sure you use this time to catch up on any of the work that was assigned this week.  Well, wait…there is one new assignment.  Go enjoy a little sunshine!  Email me a picture of you doing something outside for 1,000,000 gold stars. 🙂  See you back Monday – we will be starting something new.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hello Global Citizens and Math Brains.  Thank you for checking in today for your digital learning tasks.  Let’s get to it. 🙂

Social Studies: Today please wrap up through#74 on your Work to be Completed at Home. Set it aside and hold on to it until next week.  Tomorrow you will be responding to a video using Microsoft Forms.

Math: Please complete the following questionnaire to help us use our digital learning time in the most efficient manner.  Student Feedback – Week 2.  Then log into USA Test Prep and complete the Proportion Review assignment.  You will need to get a minimum score of 60% for it to count as complete.  Since there is a minimum score required, you are allowed to retake it as many times as you need to, so this is the final task you are being assigned this week.  Once you reach a score of 60% (or higher), you are done with math work until Monday.

If you have not joined our class on USA Test Prep, you will need to do that before completing the assignment.  Please make sure you join the correct class.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.  I do my very best to respond to emails quickly, but 3 of us here are sharing 2 laptops, so sometimes I need to wait my turn. 🙂  I bet a lot of you totally understand that.

Enjoy a bit of this beautiful day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Happy Wednesday!  I am so glad you are dedicated to coming back to this space to check on your daily tasks.  Thank you!

Social Studies: Today I would like you to continue working on your Work to be Completed at Home.  Completing #56 – 64 will have you in just the right spot for the week.  We are stopping at #74 this week, so you can plan or work ahead if you would like to.

Math: Today I would like you to complete a percent proportion quizizz.  Please click the link for the class you are in and enter your REAL NAME.  This is an assignment you are accountable for completing, and I want to make sure you are getting credit for your completed work.

If you are ready to start the quizizz, go on and get to it.  If you want a little more time with a teacher with these sorts of problems then watch this video to work through a few more with Mrs. Burnette. Percent Proportion Help w/Mrs. Burnette

If you have not joined our class on USA Test Prep please do that today.  There are detailed instructions on Monday’s blog, and a video to walk you through what to do.  You will have an assignment to complete on there tomorrow.

Here is a note from Mrs. Baker that you may find very helpful.


LibraryPASS: Students use their lunch number and their 4 digit birth month and day (Feb, 4th = 0204) for access.

In response to school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic, the daily hours for availability of TutorATL’s online tutors are expanded to cover 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Cobb County Public Library offers TutorATL for free to Cobb County and Marietta City K-12 students with regular Cobb library cards and through Library PASS accounts. Powered by Tutor.com, TutorATL is a service of ATL PBA and is made possible by the generous support of the Chick-fil-A Foundation.

TutorATL features personalized homework help and expert tutors in more than 50 subjects with bilingual offerings. On-demand access to tutors has doubled with morning and early afternoon sessions added as regular hours for the tutor service are 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. Atlanta Public Schools and Fulton County Public Library are also TutorATL partners.

Library PASS (Public Library Access for Student Success) accounts are offered to all Cobb County and Marietta City students. Student numbers are the keys to Library PASS access.

For information on TutorATL, visit www.tutoratl.org.

To explore the Cobb library’s student resources, visit www.cobbcat.org/students.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

Math students – I think I fixed the issue with the forms.  It should be all set.  Let me know if you encounter a hiccup with it.  Thanks for being patient! 🙂

Before I get all carried away with the digital learning tasks, I want to give a shout out to our FABULOUS counselors.  If you have any needs, concerns, or issues that arise during this event, please reach out to them.  They are incredibly resourceful.


Now, let’s get down to business. 🙂

Social Studies: Please continue making progress with the Work to be Completed at Home.   Complete #47 – 55 today.  Remember, it is ok if you are a little ahead or a little behind. I am just suggesting this pace so we are all on the same page…ish. 🙂  By the end of this week I would like you to be done through #74, so you can work between now and then as you need to.  We will be doing a CNN 10 on Friday, just so you can plan ahead for that.  I will post a form Friday for you to submit your response digitally.

Math: Please complete the percent proportion problems on this link. Forms – Take 2.  If these problems are easy for you, then go ahead and jump right in.  If you want to work through the first 3 with me, click here: A Little Help From Mrs. Rudd

If you did not sign up for USA test prep yesterday then you need to complete that today as well.  We will be using USA test prep as a way to assign and keep you accountable for some of your learning away from school.  Detailed directions are on yesterday’s blog post.

Have a great day, kiddos!  I sure do miss seeing you.  🙂


Monday, March 23, 2020

Social Studies: Hello Kiddos!  If you did not complete the CNN 10 clip and response on Friday, please use the links below to complete that assignment.

If you did the CNN 10 response on Friday, then please complete #35 – 46 of the Social Studies Work to be Completed at Home. 

Math:  This week we are reviewing a 6th grade skill while previewing a 7th grade skill using the percent proportion.

  • Please watch the Percent Proportion Video – You Tube Link. Forward to about 1:20 into the video and end it at 9:06.  (After that it goes to a “commercial” for an online algebra course the instructor in this video teaches.)  This will give you the “big idea” of what we are doing today.  Having something to write on and something to write with is a good idea so you can work through the problems with the instructor.
  • If you would like a little more explanation, watch this video where I work through 3 more problems with you Practice w/Mrs. Rudd, then complete the problems on the PowerPoint below.  If you felt like the first video made sense and you are ready to work alone, open the Percent Proportion Intro PPT and complete the 8 problems.
  • Finally, go to USA Test Prep – Create Account
    • Account ID (same for ALL students): durham41
    • Student Activation Code (same for ALL students): stu3285
    • Login Information:
      • Username:  students will create their own, but using their first initial and student ID is strongly recommended.
      • Password: students will create their own, but using their first initial and student ID is strongly recommended.
      •  Enter first name, last name, and grade level.
      • Click “I agree”
      • Create account
  • Login to USA test prep with your user name and password and join our class.  You should be able to find my name from the drop down menu, then just click to join the class for the block that I am your teacher.

If you’d rather have a video “how to” for logging onto USA Test Prep, here you go!  Thanks, Mrs. Burnette. USA Test Prep How To

Your only assignment in USA test prep is to create an account and join the class. We will be using this site later this week for assignments, today I just need to make sure everyone gets there! 🙂  Let me know if you have any problems and I will help!







Hello Global Citizens and Math Brains!  Thanks for checking back in today!  Here are your digital learning tasks.

Social Studies: Today I would like for you to watch a CNN 10.  You may choose any clip from this week, March 16th – March 20.  Use the link to the Google Form to complete your response.

Math: Make sure you have completed the tasks for the week.  There are 2 Microsoft Forms (measures of center & variation and unit rate) and 1 Quizizz (statistics review) that I would like you to finish if you have not already.  Make sure your Weekly Skills #22 is done.  Hang on to that – you will turn it in when you come back to school.  Then follow the link below to complete a Unit Rate Quizizz.  I am trying something a little different to keep up with all of this “digital data.”  Please click on the link for the block that I have you.

All of these links should open the exact same assignment, so there is no need to do all 3.  Please sign in with your REAL NAME so I can tell who you are and give you credit for completing the work.

I will not be posting anything over the weekend, so check back Monday for your digital tasks. 🙂



Hey Kiddos!  Welcome back!  It is so nice to “see” you!  Thank you for holding yourself accountable to your learning tasks today.

Social Studies:  Please answer #26 – #34 on the work to be completed at home. This can be done eitehr on a loose piece of paper or as a continual word document.  Once you are done with the questions you can put this assignment away until next week – tomorrow you will have something different to do.

Math:  Let’s get started with Weekly Skills #22 – Day 4.  Use this video to help you if you want to work through 2 of today’s problems together.

For the next few days we are going to be reviewing unit rate.  For some of you, you may remember exactly what to do for unit rate problems.  Cool, just jump straight to the unit rate assignment.  Others of you may need a reteach or a refresher.  Here are some links you may find helpful.  You decide if you need to watch them or not.

See you tomorrow kiddos!  Thank you for staying on top of your work! 🙂


Hello Kiddos!  I sure do miss seeing you!  Thank you for stopping by today.  Here are your tasks for Wednesday.

Social Studies: Please answer #17-25 on the “work to be done at home” assignment.  Remember, you can write this or you can type it into a word document.  🙂

Math: Today we are going to wrap up the review of statistics and data displays by completing Day 3 of Weekly Skills Review #22 and an online assignment.  Here are the instructions:

Now, for this next part, I am asking you to log into your digital text book.  Please read the directions carefully.  If you try this a time or two with no luck please do not get frustrated – just let me know.

  • Log into your online textbook by clicking this link: http://www.cobbk12.org/centraloffice/learningresources/digitaltextbooks.aspx
    • Click on 6th-8th grade Digital Textbooks
    • Click McGraw Hill Math under 6th grade resources
    • log in with:
      • firstname.lastname as your username
      • password is the same as your password to log into the computers at school.
    • Click to launch the 6th grade math textbook.
    • Click “EBOOK” on the right side of the page.
      • Once the ebook opens, enter page 796-797.  You will see the box that holds the page numbers in the middle towards the bottom of the screen.
      • Read through the pages 796 and 797.
      • Turn to page 801 in the ebook and answer problems 10-12.  You can just do these on lined paper unless you feel like printing the page.  Here are examples to answers so you can check your work. answers to p. 801
      • At the bottom of the page toward the right hand side you will see a red check mark.  Click it. An online quiz should open.
      • Click the box to take the online self check quiz. It is only 5 questions.

If any of these steps do not work, please DO NOT STRESS.  Sometimes the online text book “plays nice” with certain browsers and not-so-nice with others.  Please use this link to give me a little feedback.  Survey for Online Textbook

Thank you for being dedicated digital students.  Check back tomorrow for new material.