Thursday, April 30, 2020

Good morning, kiddos!  Thank you for checking back in for today’s tasks.  Here you go. 🙂

Social Studies: Please read and answer questions about income taxes using this link: Income Taxes

Math: If you completed the Unit 7 Assessment yesterday and you are happy with your score, then there is nothing else to do today.  If you need to complete it or would like to try for a better score then log into USA Test Prep.

Once you are done with the above tasks you are done for the day, week, and month.  I will “see” you back here Monday, May 4, for new activities in both subjects.


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Hello, kiddos!  Welcome back. 🙂  Here are your tasks for the day:

Social Studies: We are starting our unit on personal finance, starting with reading and answering questions about Financing the Government. Financing the government impacts personal finance because the government is financed through taxes paid by corporations and by people.  Paying taxes impacts many areas of personal finance, so this is a good place to start.  Please follow the link to the Microsoft Form. The reading and the questions are all here: Taxes

The “form” will mark it wrong if a word is misspelled, capitalized, or if you use punctuation that I did not.  RELAX.  I will look at your answers and adjust the grade I put in the grade book.  If you have the right answer you will receive credit for it. 🙂

Remember to sign in with your first and last name.

Math: Please log into USA Test Prep to take the Unit 7 Assessment.  Feel free to use your study guide.  You have three attempts to earn a grade you are happy with, and I will enter the highest score in the gradebook.  Since taking and retaking the assessment may take a while, this is your task for today and tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Good morning, digital learners!  Thanks for checking back in today.  Here are your tasks:

Social Studies: If you did not finish the BrainPOP activity that was posted yesterday please scroll down to read the directions so you can wrap up that activity.  If you did finish then you get to enjoy an easy day.  There is nothing new today.

Math: There are no new activities today, but we are having a ZOOM for any questions you may have on the study guide.  From 9:30 – 10:30 I will have a “drop in” session on ZOOM where you can come and ask questions or get help if needed. I will not be introducing any new topics and I will not be completing the study guide.  If you do not need any help then there is no need to ZOOM.  You are welcome to, but you won’t be missing anything.  I posted the invitation to the ZOOM in your gradebook.  Please email me if you do not see your invite and I will send you one in an email.  I can’t post the link on the blog.

Check back tomorrow, kiddos. There will be new stuff posted for social studies and math. 🙂

Monday, April 27, 2020

Hello Global Citizens and Math Brains.  Thank you for being present in this digital space.  Here are your tasks for today.

Social Studies: Here is your two-day task.

  1. Log into CLEVER.  You can use these instructions here: LEARNINGRESOURCES-CleverHomeAccess-FINAL
  2. Open BRAINPOP and search Tropical Rain Forest.
  3.  Follow these instructions: Rainforest Brain Pop Instructions

Once you read through the instructions you will see that you are going to be using BrainPOP to make a movie.  The “reviews” from your movie are due by Friday, either on Office 365 or by sending me an email.

Math: Today and tomorrow we are going to be reviewing Unit 7.  Here are your tasks:

  1. Complete the Unit 7 Study Guide: Unit 7 Study Guide without answers
  2. Use the key to check your answers: Unit 7 Study Guide Key
  3. If you have any questions about the study guide then make sure to attend the ZOOM session on Tuesday.  It will be an “open room” from 9:30 – 10:30, so I help with any of the concepts you need additional support with.  I posted the invitation to the ZOOM session as a message in the gradebook.  If you do not see your invitation please send me an email and I will email the invitation directly to you.

There is a Unit 7 Test WEDNESDAY, so the review will surely help you to prepare for that. 🙂

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Good day, digital learners!  Thanks for coming and checking in for your digital tasks.  Here is your to-do list for the day:

Social Studies: Please complete the Rainforest Scavenger Hunt.  You can print this document or just look at it digitally. Rainforest Scavenger Hunt (003)

Then, use this link Rain Forest Scavenger Hunt to share information about it.

Math: Make sure you are wrapping up the tasks from yesterday.  There is nothing new to do today.  Scroll down a bit to make sure you have completed what was posted yesterday.

Wednesay, April 22, 2020

Hello digital learners!  Welcome back. I appreciate you being so committed to your tasks.  Here is what you need to do today. 🙂

Social Studies: Today I would like you to take the check in for government and economics.  Please click the link for your class.  This is an open note assessment, so feel free to use the resources and assignments you have for this unit.

Block 1: LA Government and Economics Check In (1)

Block 2: LA Government and Economics Check In (2)

Math: If you were not able to us for the ZOOM session yesterday, here is a link to a video lesson that covers the same topics.  I meant to record the ZOOM, but did not.  I will try to do better next time. 🙂 Reflection Instruction. Here are your tasks for Wednesday and Thursday.

  1. Print and complete the reflections practice here:  Reflection Practice Polygons and Prime Coordinates. You can do this alone or if you are feeling a little stuck we can work together on this assignment if you click here for a video: Reflection Help  (I edited your assignment after I recorded the video, so you will see a couple of differences between my sheet and yours, but the changes were minor and do not impact the reflections or any of the coordinates.)
  2.  Take a picture of your reflection work and email it to me.
  3. Complete the reflection Quizizz.  This is going in the gradebook.  You have unlimited attempts to earn the grade you would like entered. Please click the link for the class that I am your teacher and use your real name (first and last) to sign in.
    1. Block 3 (Rudd/Wilford) Block 3 Quizizz
    2. Block 4 (Rudd/Wilford) Block 4 Quizizz
    3. Block 5 (Rudd) Block 5 Quizizz



April 21, 2020

Hello Kiddos!  Welcome back.  Here are your digital learning tasks for the day:

Social Studies: Please finish correcting the answers for the Work to be Done at Home.  Here is the key.

answer_key_la (1)

Math: We have a ZOOM at 9:30.  Check your messages in Student Vue for your invite.  I also sent an email to your parents.  Have this printed and maybe a color or two ready.  We’ll have a little MSG-style lesson on reflections.  I can’t wait to see you. 🙂

Reflection Practice

Monday, April 20, 2020

Hello, dedicated learners!  Welcome back.  Here are your digital learning tasks for the day:

Social Studies: Today please use the answer key to correct #65 – 75 AND watch a CNN 10.  There is no written response needed and you can choose any of clip you would like from the last week or two.

answer_key_la (1)

Math: This week we are going to be practicing with reflections on the coordinate grid.  Here are your tasks for today and tomorrow:

  1. Watch this video on reflections on the coordinate plane. Learn zillion – Reflections
  2.  Print these MSG notes M6U7reflections
  3. Watch this video of Mrs. Burnette going through the MSG notes with you MSG Notes /w Mrs. BurnetteYou do not need to turn the MSG notes in, those are for you. There is a picture of the second page below so you can check your work, but you do not need to send a picture of your work to me.
  4. (Optional) if reflections feel a little fuzzy, feel free to watch either or both of these videos below.
    1. Reflections on the coordinate
    2. Khan Academy – Reflections

I am hoping you get the above tasks done on Monday.  If not, that is fine, but we are going to have a ZOOM on Tuesday.  Below are the materials you need to be ready for our digital lesson.  I emailed an invitation to the ZOOM meeting to all your grownups using my grade book.  There should also be a message with that information that I am hoping you can see when you log in to Student VUE.  Please send me an email if you did not get the invite and I will make sure to send it to you.  I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!  Our ZOOM will begin at 9:30 am.

5. Reflection Practice Print for Tuesday’s ZOOM. 🙂

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Good morning, kiddos!  Here are your digital learning tasks for the day:

Social Studies: Between today and Tuesday, April 21, please check the answers through #64 on the Work to be Completed at Home using the answer key. answer_key_la (1)

If you did not complete the Latin America Quiz yesterday you need to do that too. 🙂  Scroll down and click the link for your class.  The quiz is open note.

Math: Please make sure all the tasks are completed from yesterday.  Scroll down a little for the links and directions.  Monday we will be starting reflections on the coordinate grid. 🙂


I am having issues with my router today.  If I do not respond to an email it may be due to the internet.  I should be back up and running after NOON.  I am using my phone as a “hot spot,” but once my kids are up and logged onto the same “hot spot” we may have issues.  🙂

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Hello Global Citizens and Math Brains.  Welcome back!  Here are your tasks for the day.

Social Studies: Please click the link below to complete the Latin America check in. Please makes sure you click the link for the class I have you.

Form – Block 1

Form – Block 2

Math: Here are your digital learning tasks for the next TWO days (Wednesday and Thursday).

  1. Open and print, if possible these MSG notes. MSG Notes – Distance on a Coordinate Grid
  2. Watch this video and complete the MSG examples with Mrs. Burnette. Distance on the Coordinate Grid – Mrs. Burnette
  3. Check your answers to the second page of notes here. Answer Key
  4. If you were on the right track, skip to #5.  If you were not on the right track, use this document for a little more practice.  This is optional and you do NOT need to turn it in.
    1. Reteach_Polygons_on_the_Coordinate_Plane (2)
  5. Complete the homework questions on the document below. Homework_Practice_Polygons_on_the_Coordinate_Plane REVISED
  6. Click th elink for the block I am your teacher to enter your answers from the homework practice.
    1. Rudd/Wilford – Block 3
    2. Rudd/Wilford – Block 4
    3. Rudd – Block 5

That is it for the week, math brains.  Next week we will be covering reflections on the coordinate grid, so check back Monday for new stuff.