Thursday, May 14, 2020

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Hey, kiddos.  Happy LAST DAY of school.  It sure has been unconventional, but if you are checking back here and still doing your digital tasks, I am proud of you. Way to finish the year strong.  Here are your last 6th grade assignments:

Social Studies:  Watch this presentation from Mrs. Clark’s father, that explains how decisions you make now can impact your financial stability in the future. Durham Middle School 2020.  When the PPT opens, click on the slide show tab and play it from the beginning.  Then, complete this 10 question survey about personal finance.  Really, I am asking you about some of your thoughts for the future, past experiences as a consumer, and your short and long term financial goals.

Financial Survey

Math: Your last 6th grade math assignments are:

  1. Complete the multiplication and division of integers quizizz.  You have unlimited attempts to earn the grade you would like:
    1. Block 3 – Rudd/Wilford
    2. Block 4 – Rudd/Wilford
    3. Block 5 – Rudd
  2. If you wouldn’t mind, I have a quick little end of the year survey. Your feedback means so much to me, and helps me to improve as a teacher.  Here is the link:

Student Survey

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