Hello Everyone!

If you would like to order the new FACS spirit wear.  Please fill out this form.

Then send your payment to school in white payment envelope.  Make checks/money orders payable to Griffin Middle School.  Order before February 3rd.

Current Happenings!

Hello Everyone!!

There are lots of exciting things happening in the FACS department!  The students spent a great deal of time learning about food safety and we had our first lab which was a “procedural lab.”  I am very proud of the students.  They did a wonderful job!  Our cooking labs will be getting more challenging as we go.

Many students in 7th & 8th grade class have been bringing in delicious foods made at home for our International Foods Project!!  I look forwards to learning more about their countries and tasting their prepared dishes.

Our 6th grade classes recently wrapped up a lesson on the importance of “family dinners.”  They created beautiful PSA posters to promote family dinner time.  Please check out the winning posters in the next Wildcat Newsletter!

That is all for now!

Please email me with any questions or concerns.

-Ms. Adams

What’s the 411 in FACS?

Hello Everyone!

There is a lot happening in FACS this upcoming week. The students seem to be super excited, as am I! We wrapped up our Early Childhood Education Unit. We have started our Foods Unit and our focus is food safety.

Both 7th & 8th grade classes have been assigned a International Foods Project.  Students are expected to research a country of their choice, create a power point, and prepare a dish from that country.  Every student has signed up for a date to present and bring in their dish.  I will email in advance when your child’s date is coming up.  Please ask your child for their instruction sheet and lab contract.  Both packets have signature pages that need to be signed by you and returned to school on Monday.  This project is a summative and worth 200 points total.

Last week and this past Monday & Tuesday, students were given time in class to complete a toddler lesson plan. Students spent a significant amount of time researching ideas for this assignment in our computer labs.  Student that did not finish in class have been given until Monday, the 28th to turn it in.  Please see the resource tab if your child lost their paper.

6th grade classes are also talking about food safety.  More info to come on upcoming events and projects.  Please read and discuss the lab contract with your child.  Return the signed signature page to school this upcoming week.  Students also have a brochure that is due on Monday, October 28th summarizing what they have learned about early childhood these past couple weeks.


That is all for now!

-Ms. Adams

We Made It!

We have made it through our first quarter in FACS!

Important Updates:

  1. FCCLA- October 16th our chapter officers had their induction ceremony.  (Pictures coming soon).  
  2.  Students are super excited about their Foods Unit!  I have lots of cool things planned.
  3.  We NEED your donations!!  Food labs cost!  If you have not donated your $7 to our department, please consider doing so before the end of the month.  Students will have their first cooking lab late October, early November.
  4. Yankee Candle Orders- Order forms will be sent off tomorrow!! Orders should be back to school in the beginning of November.  Thank you so much for your support!

That is all for now!

If you need anything or have questions, please email me at Siddeeqah.adams@cobbk12.org.  

~Ms. Adams

Week Ending 8/23

Hello Everyone,

This is what’s happening…  6th grade classes learned about sewing tools & sewing lab safety.  7th & 8th grade students learned about principles of design & factors that influence fashion trends.  All projects in all classes will begin next week.  Please be on the lookout for a rubrics & instruction sheets.

FCCLA’s first meeting will be in the FACS lab this upcoming Wednesday, the 28th, before school.  Please consider coming to hear more and or join.  FCCLA is a great way for students to build vital leadership skills while serving.  It is a LOT of fun too!!

For more info, please visit the Georgia FCCLA website or the national website.

Reminder:  Please send in your signed syllabus if you have not already.

Hello Students & Families!

Welcome to the BLOG!!!

It has been such a great start to the new school year.  I have enjoyed getting to know your children.  I’m sure I will know everyone’s name very soon (smile).

We started the year off spending time on expectations and what it means to be a LIFESTAR!  Then we spent a week piloting FCCLA.  Please consider letting your child join our soon-to-be charted chapter here at Griffin.  It is a great way for them to do great things in our community and develop those valuable leadership skills.

If they are interested in joining FCCLA, please have them see me for a form or you can click here for it.  Chapter dues are $20.  Please note this does not include a T-shirt or any other apparel.  More info about FCCLA can be found here.

All classes are currently in their Fashion Design unit.  Sixth  grade classes will start practicing sewing skills this week and complete a small hand-sewing project.

7th & 8th Grade will begin a Design-A-Tie project this week also.


We are seeking additional donations for upcoming projects. Please consider sending in the following:

  • Various packs of muffin mix (FCCLA)
  • Muffin/cupcake wrapper (FCCLA)
  • Orange Juice (FCCLA)
  • small paper plates (FCCLA)
  • Unwanted Children’s books
  • Old T-Shirts
  •  $7 donation towards cooking lab budget

That is all for now!

-Ms. Adams