We are off on an exciting Digital Learning Day adventure! 

Cobb Instructional Technology is here to offer you easy, any time learning for a variety of tools and tasks that can help provide with valuable tools for an outstanding digital learning experience.  What makes it even better is that everything is right here in one place and will be updated daily during the Digital Learning Days.  To access a webinar, just click any topic in the list. Take a few minutes and learn something new!

#CobbInTechOnDemand #AnytimeLearning

Clever Access
Cobb Learning EduBlogs
Digital Learning Days Resources
Immersive Reader
PowerPoint Screencasts and Videos
Quizzes in Microsoft Forms
Resource Library in CTLS Teach
Student Assignment Submissions in Microsoft Forms
Teams Meetings for Teachers and Students
Technology Customer Care
Twitter Collaboration
Using Tweetdeck

Cobb InTech will provide a live Friday Follow-up on Friday, May 15th!  To join the live session CLICK HERE

Remember to tweet @CobbInTech and share what you learned.            #CobbInTechOnDemand #AnytimeLearning

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